1. FalconFury

    FileFront problems: Cannot download ESF 1.2.3 files

    I am unable to download Earth Special Forces Swoop Trail Plugin and the Swoop dust from FileFront. Can you guys please reinstall these 2 files? and the bounce plugin? thank you. and this to. The ESF powerlevel changer (Hint: Put this file in...
  2. J

    Cant download ESF:1.2.3 and ESF:Final

    Hello , i cant seem to download 1.2.3 and ESF:F , or any addon , i get an error msg when i try to download from gamefront , does anyone have a copy of instalers? and addons?
  3. I

    Torrent as a Download option?

    When the Final is released, will be available for download via Torrent? I have a very weak connection so thats the only way I could download large finals without it canceling out randomly after several hours an making me restart from scratch =/
  4. Mkilbride

    Guild Wars 2 beta client available for download Just downloads a little GW2.exe that downloads the beta...very slowly at that. Just a reminder, in case anyone forgets though, only pre-purchasers and people who were invited can...
  5. EliteMarine

    ESF RCX RC3 Download

    *link removed because it links to WAREZ material* Note: The AF Pack does not work! :(
  6. EliteMarine

    Ecx Rc3 Download ( There is an AF Pack but it does not work )
  7. FalconFury


    Here is the link that meh friend gave to me, hope you will like it :D LINK: :laff: My bad, should of done it in april.
  8. Patass

    Download links are broken

    Tried to throw this in the support forum but even after successful validation it's just telling me I need to validate (already pm'd fuzzy). The filefront links are totally dead. Other links i've found cap at 200kBps (lol). Also, what are people actually palying, 1.2.3 or the final open beta?
  9. T

    Hi, I wonder which version of the game, and where to download it

    here is the link to the image of the game
  10. B

    What version of ESF should I download?

    I am wondering what version of ESF is more played for multiplayer the ESF 1.2.3 or the open beta:Final. Thanks for all your help.
  11. D

    whre do i put big pack after download.

    subject. im not too good with this. i just got it working finally. lol.
  12. Skyrider

    EA download manager won't start.

    Anyone here has experience with EA download manager? It refuses to start for me. Currently using WinXP and I re-installed it twice from different URL's (including the official one). When ever I launch EA Download Manager it just won't start. I see nothing in the task manager, nor anything pops...
  13. Mkilbride

    Amazon! 75% off all DOWNLOAD GAMES! Holy ****, there are SOME GOOD GAMEs for their prices. 10$ for ArmA II, 12$ for it's expansion!
  14. P

    Where i can download this mod esf

    Hello everybody in first step I from polish and my english is weak sory for error's in write Where I can download this mod Earth's Special Forces: Final Xmas Teaser i looked in forum and website and I can't find this mod. Please tell me where i can find this mod for esf. Again, sorry for my...
  15. Uindo

    Does a mod visit the esf world download page?

    I remember posting a kamehameha sprite there long time ago and getting a message that it's waiting approval. Now I see that all the files there are from 2009. Is this site abandoned? Is there a new one?
  16. EvolutionX

    DBO Download Link

    Hi. Sorry for making thread for Dragon Ball Online Download Link on this forum. So i want to ask is this the link for downloading DBO? *link removed* And its 2.4 GB :O
  17. Spunky

    CPU Survey

    If you'd like the opportunity to help ESF, please download CPU-Z, then save a report to this thread. To do this, follow these steps: 1. Download CPU-Z. 2. Install CPU-Z. 3. Run CPU-Z. 4. In the 'about' tab, click "Save Report (.TXT)". 5. Save the report somewhere easily accessible, like your...
  18. M

    Fallout: New Vegas Teaser

  19. M

    Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Announced

  20. A

    ESF 1.3 | The beta version

    hey guys, Can you please say where i can download the beta game of the esf who ist yet no finished. Pls give me a link or something ;)