1. Damaera


    SSJ3GOTENKS? You decide
  2. T

    somebody should make ssj3 vegeta (pic inside)

    I know its fake but its pretty cool, somebody should make it.. especially azn or mr smo.
  3. Frieza


    Umm Im using Milk-Shape 3d I need Help anyone here a mapper? Well mabye u can tell me how to... ( Btw I read the ' How to meak a hl model already ' ) Ok I make an arm I put faces on it ect How do I a) Change modes so when i make a face It dosent make a triangle b) How do I...
  4. suicidal_maniac

    Some awesome DBZ drawings!!!

    I have a friend that is an incredible artist. He really amazes me everytime I watch him draw something. He traces nothing and dosent even use reference pics.
  5. owa


    Hey, Well I took your advice and put images in it other then my usual plain backgrounds. I only took 10 min on this I just want to know if this is sorta what you ment (I'm referring to my last Sig) But ya whatever here it is. Please tell me what you think I shouldl work on to make...
  6. Majin Vegeta 05

    dose buu have that wrap attack

    dose buu have that wrap attack where he throws the piece of himself and it wraps around you if not mayne u guys should put that in
  7. M

    Some Oldschool TFB Models with a new touch!

    Hey all long time no see, this is my old school Goku model from way back, Hibiki may remember them and some other old TFB Fans. I was bored so I decided to give them alittle tweaking mainly the chest and gave him a nice new belt ;D
  8. S

    help with milkshape!!!!!!!

    how can i get some esf models into the mikshape program it dosent work plz help!!!!:cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: