1. F

    dose any one have an Maybach model?

    dose any one have a maybach model?
  2. MONXver2.0

    Lan parties. Dose anyone know a site.

    Besides lanparty . com to help people find other people for lan parties?
  3. G

    who is the fool, the fool or the fool who dose this personality test? (SW)

  4. Z

    Dose ESF work with Half-Life 2?

    Dose ESF work with Half-Life 2? Well, dose it? I hear it dosen't cause it has a new engine but I'm not sure cause the guy at EB games said that Half-Life 2 was basicly the same as 1 just with a few new things. Well, anyways I hope it dose :laff:
  5. Vagabond

    What dose KAA mean

    hey guy and gals a friend asked KAA means KAA = ? RTFM = Read The ****ing Manuel
  6. R

    dose any one....

    dose any one have any maps that can be open with wc hammer?
  7. M

    ESF dose not work

    I installed ESF 1.1 BETA but when I click on the ESF icon it just starts up Half-Life Opposing Force as normal please help me i really want to play ESF Oh i almost forgot at the botom righthand corner of the the screen on the mainmenu of Half-Life Oposing Force it says V 43/
  8. ultrassj_vegeta

    new 3d abstract

    c and c if poss.. thnx :) laterz -jez edit:.. and before other people start commenting on the text... its a logo i put there :D... its like my tag or something... yeah i think thats the right word?... thnx
  9. Death The Jedi

    Collide-A-Scope Of Death

    Name Sucks.. Render sucks.. no 2d artwork.. but I was bored :p
  10. N

    would this work?

    if I tried to put an esf skin on a diffrent mod would it work? oh,,, i tried it and it dosen't so ya close
  11. Nuttzy

    pan WIP

    i started her yesterday, with the intent of trying out my newly obtained skinmapping leetness, (i learnt a few things i didnt know before), the skin isnt done thats just the base skin that ill be adding the details over, her pants are mirrored with no visible lines where the skinmap overlaps...
  12. I

    teen gohan blue outfit pak

    here's a pak i made for the blue outfit teen gohan from Movie 9 (brolly's return) I know there's no gohan ssj3 but i thought itll look better as a ssj3 level.. well check it out... i need a host though oops i almost forgot credits: smo for ssj3 hair, and azn for original bd gohan, and...
  13. G

    Goten beta 1.1

    please make a Young Goten normal+ssj for beta 1.1 the old one dosent work just look here after i fiered blueatack
  14. A


    well i have bin Searching now.. and i still cant find the blue - Scouter Red - Scouter any 1 wanna help me find it? thx :fight: //zion
  15. R

    why dose my esf keep crashing???????

    it crashes every time i see a bot. and try to use the spirit bomb, or melee attack do i need the newst version, i dont know if i do have it??? can some direct me to it, and/or should i install CS again
  16. B

    ssj2 Vegetto

    Thats right, im workin on a vegetto, not much of anything done yet, i need ref pics. if u have any plz post, any help would be nice
  17. Black Saiyan


    milkshape dosent can u give me a site with 1
  18. R

    Dose Anyone know what Mod is this

    This maybe totaly off topic but dose anyone know what mod this is?
  19. B0Bmaster40000

    Reference Material

    where do you guys find your reference material for making models? ie pics and screenshots of characters. cause all i can find are crappy, small, or obscure angle pictures.
  20. M


    Hmm.... i wanted to ask the team if they can release the beta 1.1 with some places for other characters made by anywan who likes ESF so we won't need to replace them anymore?...... thx in advance