1. B

    Japanese working on a 25TB optical disk

    http://www.digitaltrends.com/computing/japanese-working-on-a-disk-1000-times-larger-than-blu-ray/ Read it.
  2. Prozac

    Krillin's destructo disk! ( Scatter disk )

    First thing's first.. This thing is totally awesome <3 scatter disk but I've got one little suggestion for it. which is quite simple, decrease the number of disks it "splits up" in when not fully charged. Like 3 for < 1/4 charged 5 for for 1/4 to 1/2 charged and all of it after...
  3. M

    cell bug when using frieza disk

    evry time i use frieza disk cell seems to go way out of shape and the same happens when flying :scared: :scared: :scared: i have pic of bug
  4. Darth Revan

    cell bug when using frieza disk

    evry time i use frieza disk cell seems to go way out of shape and the same happens when flying :scared: :scared: :scared: i have pic of bug
  5. john_volkov

    Frieza disk ideea

    well the ideea it's verry simple it's like Piccolo's scotter shot when you create the disk and trow it if you push mouse 1 again the disk will stop in mid air it will be verry cool to play with it to stop it at 1 cm of the enemy to scar him a bit
  6. Barney's_Soul

    DVD+Hard disk connected to 1 IDE.....bad?

    Because of my damn case making things hard, I have both my hard drive and my DVD drive connected to the same IDE cable......so since the hard driver slows down to the DVD drive speed, then will I have decreased performance?
  7. D

    disk defrag= bad?

    i just got finished defragmenting my computer, and i lost 2% of my freespace, i watched my wonderful GB's disappear....i thought it was just at the beginning, but it kept happening. is this supposed to happen....i thought i was supposed to gain freespace... help plz
  8. L

    Reformatted, Second Hard Disk Disabled?

    I just reformatted and with my main drive C:\ wiped, I could not find my second HD. How can I enable/use it again without deleting everything on it. http://img359.imageshack.us/img359/6894/harddrivemq2.jpg
  9. SaiyanPrideXIX

    PS2 Online Setup Disk vs. DRE...HELP!!

    I believe I need to run the disk that came with my online adapter to be able to play SDvR06 online...but...my stupid PS2 is one of those busted ones that can't read blueback discs. Because it can't read my disk can I not install it at all? If so this is horribly lame... If there's no way to...
  10. Mccdbz5

    The difference between Destructo Disk and Frieza Disk

    Doesn't anyone else think there should be some other kind of difference rather than just having being able to control one, and not control the other? Well here's an idea I came up with, I think that there should be a difference in speed. To me, Frieza Disk can be good, and Destructo Disk can't...
  11. DiebytheSword

    Anyone remember that nasty PS2 disk read error?

    http://www.ps2settlement.com/ Yeah, so did a pair of people, one from California and one from Canada. They apparently started a Class Action lawsuit that sony is going to get screwed for. Sony has already agreed to settle, so long as the settlement is considered fair, anyone who had the...
  12. K

    What hapens if you lost your half-life install disk?

    I lost my install disk :cry: but i dont know waht too do is there somewhere can i download it and then put in my cd key?Im a great player in esf but since my bro had to renew are computer and all taht stuff we lost it.We can get it back if you know where i can dowload a half-life version that...
  13. john_volkov

    Distracto disk for .....

    Vegete shuld have a distracto disk and even goku Vegeta used his distracto disk when gohan turnd in to ooizura and vegeta cut his tail whit the disk and goku since he dose not have a spirit bomb he shuld have a distracto disk goku used the disk to cut bu in 2 :laff:
  14. J

    Disk idea

    Face the facts, disks suck badly. Yes they do. This might not sound like constructive criticism, but its the truth. So, my idea would be that the disks should be speeded up a bit. What do you think?
  15. C


    *IDEA* Hey all i am thinking off changeing krilins disk wen krilin were fighting freaza and cuted his tail off his disk was splited. So think as mystic krilin you guys shuld add that like scater beam its shoting disks on ppl.
  16. SoulStriker

    Shield / Disk Bug

    When someone as Gohan uses their shield, and someone with a disk (I know it happens with krillin, not sure for frieza disks), and you kill Gohan with it, two sets of "guts" will appear, instead of one. (I.E Two sets of legs, and two torso's) Not a major bug, but something I noticed :p
  17. D

    Freeza Disk balancing being done?

    For the time that I have played ESF, I notice that there are two disk attacks: Freeza's disk and Krillin's Destructo Disk. Freeza gets his disk as soon as you start out. You can chage it up, throw it, and return it back to your hand. Krillins Destructo Disk is his final ability (so he only...
  18. D

    destructo disk freeza disk

    take them out or make it so it isnant 1 hit kill it oisses me off
  19. tekhsheen


    :cry: every time i charge the distructo disc, my computer freezes and wont get back of, how do i fix it???????????? :cry:
  20. D

    New Frieza Disk