1. L

    Weapon Icon Directory?

    Where in the ESF folder do i find weapon icons?
  2. A

    Installation Problem - No Half-Life Directory

    Alright, for the most part, I'm a pretty intelegent individual. I went to install, and the "Install" button was greyed out. I looked at the path, and notice there was no "half-life" directory. So I went in and created it. I do have Half-Life installed. As well as Half-Life: Deathmatch and...
  3. veqeta

    WoW directory...

    Well, I got a new computer and I don't feel like downloading the WoW patches, would it work if I got the WoW directory from another computer and put it on a disc and put it on my new computer? or do I have to be patient?
  4. W

    new web directory available now

    *Advertising is not advocated on these forums.*
  5. S

    Temp directory, changing folders?

    My mate's having a problem with his computer, he partitioned his drive to have windows and his files and stuff in different parts of his hdd, thing is he made it too small, so he's wondering how would he go about changing the location of his temp directory, so he can handle doing things with...
  6. B

    Help With Directory

    What directory do I install ESF into cuz I don't have Half Life 1 but it says you can run it if you have CS or DoD I have CS so where do I put it any help wud be REAL Appreciated.
  7. N

    SHAREware Modeling soft. +My Question..

    Okay so I found a great site/directory for free-ware and share-ware, modeling soft. I'm thinking of just registering MS3D cause its really easy to use, but this could be helpful for you guys, because they have directories for FREE modeling...
  8. Gangster464

    In whos place does gogeta go ?

    Sup guys , I just downloaded the gogeta model but i dont know whos place he needs to takes is it trunks, cell who? Oh yeah and lets say i just put gogeta on cells place is gogeta going to have the moves that cell had or does he already come with his own moves and sounds and stuff or no? Oh yeah...
  9. Wangster


    how do i make a ladder in valve, i cant find it, can someone help, ps: i deleted the other threath cuz problem was solved.
  10. Yazuken

    How do you make Ouside maps/Landscapes

    Hi, i just found out that you cant make huge rooms in valve hammer editor or your map will get an error. But if you cant make huge rooms, then how do you make outside landscapes? Wouldnt you need the ceiling of the rooms to be the sky? im really confused. please help me out.
  11. Wangster


    well, i have found a tutorial wich learns me to map, its pretty simple so far, but i already have a prob, they say that i must put in the hlcsg.exe in the box where they ask csg executeble, well, when i couldnt find the thing, i made a search, and the results say the file isnt on my computer, so...
  12. G

    model installation

    hey guys, i just recently got esf, and its a hype mod for hl, ive managed to install some custom models because they overwrite the one's in the directory, just one question, i got an adult goku gt and where do i put that, does it have to overwrite the old goku to be able to work in the game...
  13. Mr. Satans

    Batch Compile Set-Up

    For those of you who compile maps via a batch file, here is a VERY good setup for a good compile. > hulls.txt hlcsg.exe -hullfile hulls.txt -nowadtextures "C:\Half-Life\MAPPING\ESF_MapName" -wadautodetect -estimate -high %1 hlbsp.exe -estimate -high %1 "C:\Half-Life\MAPPING\ESF_MapName"...
  14. A

    TM Northway Map Help

    Im having trouble with this map when i create a game and then click on the map it loads and then says i cant detect the pine1.mdl file so i put it in the folder and it say the same thing could someone plz tell me what might be wrong.....:S
  15. D

    Converting crosshairs?

    how would i convert a crosshair from another game to esf? any1 know?
  16. L

    milkshape help

    how do u open models in milkshape? i went to decomplie halflife normal and went under esf but when i click on the model file nothing happens.... can someone plz help me out?
  17. Hash

    Where do I put downloaded photoshop fonts?

    I know i probably sound like an idiot. But I just downloaded some fonts for photoshop 7.0, and i dont know where to put them. If someone could help me out. I would really apreciate it.
  18. B


    Can any one help me to get the new skins working for beta 1.00 PLEASE :cry:
  19. V

    how/ where do i apply the aura?

    can someone tell me where to put the aura that i d/led because i cant figure it out??:confused: :confused: :confused:
  20. S

    can some1 help me i dont no where to put the gohan pack

    plz can u help me everythings the same except for the sounds but i dont want mystic gohans sounds i want teen gohan sounds and it wont let me do that so can some1 help me:cry: ;(