1. K

    Hows mah new sig?

    Any one like? Edit: I was wonderin, how do u do rounded edges on a sig, like make corners transparent? I have tried but i have to turn it to Gif and then it looks bad at 256 colors. Any one help?
  2. DaKD

    My Android 17

    heres my android 17 preview her ya go http://geocities.com/javkrd20/android17preview.jpg
  3. owa


    Hey, I made a new sig, I was trying somthing with Blending sense I heard how in one of Spits or Judges posts... forget which person but anyways. I might use it... Please vote and give me some Crits or comments.
  4. VivaLaPineapple

    i need a critque

    well my first 3ds max/photoshop sig what u think? any suggestions for future? fonts/ 3d design/character ect..
  5. A

    My first sig!!

    well... this is the first "sig" i have made in my hoel life. And the first time i use photoshop. and i hop eyou like it :fight: :talk: //zion ^^ any good? O_O
  6. DJ-Ready


    Ok, i just finished S2k_Snakeway ... I think i dont need to tell much about it ^^ here´s a screenie http://www.s2k-clan.de.vu/news/s2k_snakeway01.jpg download it at www.s2k-clan.de.vu ^^ .. in the downloads section ^^ EDIT umm ok .. i 4got to something while making the zip ..so if u...
  7. D

    How do you guys make YOUR sigs?

    I found a tutorial on how to make this 1337 ASS BG...(well...to me it is :p ) I just wanna know how you guys make ur images look like this I tried fiddlyin around with blending options...(hoping it was OVERLAY..)but i couldnt figure it out. wut do u guys use? i just wanna learn...
  8. Hiro

    Ding Dong Squaresofts Gone

    YES! It's almost like a dream come true. Squaresoft finally kicked the bucket ;D yay no more crappy FF with the SAME GOD DAMN RECYCLED STORYLINE FOR EVERY ONE OF THOSE STUPID EYE CANDY GAMES Although its just a merger its a good start to ridding the world of this awful infestation =)...
  9. N

    Need Your help! What to name him...?

    What should i name this character?.. the face and hair I tried to make not so much look like gohan......., trunks or any of the other DBZ characters i have in the paste drawn like. He isn't!!!! And I'm Saying (ISN'T) here.... He is not a Sayin worrior or a half breed like trunks, gohan,goten...
  10. B

    Goku drawing

    I was kinda bored this weekend so i drew a pretty cool pic of goku in Photoshop, i made it big enough for a wallpaper if u want to use it as one http://home.fuse.net/teuschlr/Goku1.gif Comments Welcome, Enjoy
  11. N

    Nothing to special..

    I made this today, I had a few minutes break off work..Heh sorry too.. I'm not sure if it belongs here either. ;/
  12. D

    New sig

    What do you guys think?
  13. Jonka

    Average sig?

    Well this sig I made is for the game battlefield 1942 and I made it for the forums of the clan Im in and havent posted it yet so need comments on if anyhting needs to be changed.
  14. T

    a request from everyone

    well im modeling a form 3 freeza and i need pics plz post them on here.... and bruno make this a stick since i lost my powers
  15. D

    How do u make the tips glow on a pic?

    how did USSJ_Vegeta do this? plz tell me. it would help me a lot!
  16. S

    Streaming Lava

    hi guys i want to make a map with streaming lava but how can a make it stream and hurt at the same time?:talk:
  17. Styles

    The new Fgd

    I was just wondering if u guys could give us the fgd file so we can map as well because most mods i know of release the fgd much earlier than the mod.
  18. ultrassj_vegeta

    new sig...

    err... i quickly like just made this new sig.. i dun really like my sigs.. they look like crappp ....ahh!!.... wat u think of this one??... shud i use this instead??.. or is this just crap... edit: i thot this one was like less clustered.. like my current one... so yeh.. goodness thru...
  19. phrack50

    Request for a DBZ FF7 Picture

    If someone could draw Cloud as a super saiyan with the Z sword, I would be very happy. I saw Spitfire do a great drawing of Zidane from FF9. Cloud already looks like a super saiyan with the golden hair and green eyes. But if you could do that and post it here that would be great. Thanks.
  20. ultrassj_vegeta

    my new .... new sig

    or which is betta?