1. S

    photoshop question

    my brother recently got photoshop 7, and so i decided that i might as well start using it so i did, now after 2 weeks of using it, i got to blending options (aka little F button) and photoshop freezes, i've ran norton, checked to see if it was low on ram, i havent downloaded any fonts yet so if...
  2. B

    a little problem

    i made a brolly pack....brolly...ssj brolly....a new pic for the character selection screen...and changed the stats to say brolly....only problem is i can't get my ssj brolly any taller....i'm using milkshape...i used the scale all tool and it looked fine but when i tried him in model viewer he...

    uhh....im new,i have a question

    does any 1 know if some 1 has made a kid buu or gogeta model?o:D
  4. V

    how/ where do i apply the aura?

    can someone tell me where to put the aura that i d/led because i cant figure it out??:confused: :confused: :confused:
  5. K

    my firsy sig !

    hi all, this is my first sig i EVER made, so i'd like some crit on it, and some help!
  6. TimTheEnchantor

    Sig for Useless Response

    Hope yah like it bud. DaKilla, I'll be workin on the wallpaper when I get back to my house tonight, like real late tonight
  7. GoJita

    Can i get sig please

    I would like a sig with like goku bending over to fuse on one side and vegeta bending over on the other side to fuse with Goku, and Gojita standing in between them
  8. Z

    photoshop 7 tips

    can someone give me some tips to make better effect mor my sigs that im making im kinda new at photoshop but not really new at it but i c lots of ppl usong it and getting better results then i am so any suggestions??
  9. TimTheEnchantor

    Wallpaper: Education.

    This wallpaper is 881kb. Quite large, but hopefully 56k'ers wont mind...(i so hope). But this wallpaper's resolution top's is 1600x1200, so the quality is quite good, any resolution lower than that can be made real quickly. The background image is a stock foto I have had of the Columbus...
  10. S

    Do DMZ maps work to?

    I got a question: It would be cool if DMZ maps work on ESF! Does anyone know a few. If you have a few could you show me the site where they at?? thank you :rolleyes:
  11. Eon

    Need help finding....

    I searched around and could not find the vegetto sound pack. Can anyoe please show me where it is?
  12. -Dark Shadow-

    new sig!

    i made a new sig with arcsoft Photostudio its brillient look my best sig ever! oh and can something tell me if it is just a little X or the actual sig please :)
  13. C

    Require decent shot of Brolli

    I am finding it fairly hard to find decent pictures of Brolli to use as a model base. If anyone has some decent full body shots or can draw some that would be great thanks. Im looking for base and normal ssj shots please.
  14. Rebirah

    First Sig!!!

    Actually... I kinda dont like it.. what do you think... also if this is posted in the wrong place im sorry1!!!! Now that I got the pics working.... what do you think of my sig??
  15. X

    Black Star Dragon Balls

    Hey guys. This is just something I did out of boredom. Its not much. But I skinned the original Dragon Balls. To look like the Black Star Dragon Balls. Only diffrence is that the skin is darker. And the stars are black Heres a pic...
  16. Logan4434

    goku ssj5 WIP

    heres a pic Daz will post a link to the model soon.(the pic is very crappy dont judge it bvy the pic i suggest you DL it than see how you like it in game personally i use and enjoy this model) pic: http://www.gaming-honor.com/~metalgear/esfanime/ssj5.JPG :D
  17. X

    Request for a freiza model replacement

    I aint saying to DO IT or im not demanding anything. I cant model myself. But if someone would be as of so kind to make two zarbon models? I would prefer it any time over freiza. And come to think of it Zarbon was pretty much a cool villian. cept I almost lost interest when he turned into a...
  18. SSj Goten


    Can Anyone Make Me A Mystic Gohan Not Battle Damage pls?...I Really Want One I Tryed Fixing The Battle Damage One But Its To Hard!!!
  19. M

    plz make a .....

    somone plz make a soundpack for mystic gohan, or even geat the great sayiman sounds plz, i really dont know how to, thx
  20. I

    I need some map Ideas.

    I need some good map ideas for a beginner, ones that would be fairly easy to do... but would take more than 5 minutes :). Also.. I recently made a map. It has a large arena in the middle and a big cage surrounding it. When you run into the cage your insta-killed. Dont know why i wanted to share...