1. frsrblch

    Imagining the Tenth Dimension

    We can all imagine ourselves living in 3 dimensions, right? And I'm assuming that we can understand how time would then be the 4th dimension. But what about ten dimensions? Can you imagine ten dimensions that define the universe? Would any sane person want to? The answer, of course, is...
  2. E

    The Other Dimension & Burst of Fire

    The Other Dimension Burst of Fire
  3. .Maze

    KI is PL and Health ! ? (Hyper Dimension RIP OFF =) )

    I dunno if it was posted before, and i dunno hiw to search for that idea. Well some of oyu might know for SNES Hyper Dimension (DBZ GAME) YOu didnt had Health points or PL Bar. You just had an Nr. from 0-999 or something like that. Well now there could be an Mode similiar to that in ESF...
  4. M

    DBZ Hyper Dimension

    Dont revieve dead toppics, huh? just didnt want to open a new thread but hey, if ppl say so.. oookay, anyways^^ who knows dbz hyper dimnesion? okay... another question: who likes dbz hd and wants to play it?(against me^^)
  5. I

    Dragonball Z The Next Dimension!

    hey byond and dbz fans. there's a game out way better than zeta. its called dragonball z the next dimension and u can get it from byond.com. You can even go ssj faster than zeta. can get 3 wishes from the namekian dragon. and more!! Come join my server just look for me my name is Vegeta212. well...
  6. TimTheEnchantor

    Wires 1234.

    This is a picture showing that technology may take over our lives and the old ways of humanity(the writing) is being erased away.. Stats: Dimension of 1024x768. File size: 267kb.