1. maxigt

    Ussj Vegeta that will or won't happen

    I made a ussj Vegeta, but my Milkshape 3D has expired, so I couldn't save it. One day I might (finally! YAY!) get the full version. But it may take a while. :cry: Here is what it looked like: <center>Original SSJ USSJ </center> Oh yea, credit to the ESF team, it's the...
  2. Jonesdaniel

    512mb RAM difference in-game?

    comp specs atm 128mb pentium 3 666mhz geforce 4 mx 420 512k connection windows xp pro Ive sent off for 512mb ram last night and am getting a bit more ghz soon (well over 1 ghz for sure) But how will the 512mb ram effect my fps/lag in maps (not only for esf but for games such as dungeon...
  3. Skinnerfool

    A raditz skin

    lookie what do u think?
  4. Vengaurd

    Electric Final Flash!

    Epedemic_Optikz has given me his permision to heavely modify his lightning Kamehameha and i now present to you, the Electric Final Flash! keep in mind that my server is crap for posting images on forums, if these two dont work youll have to go to my site(see sig) and click preview...
  5. TimTheEnchantor

    Adding a imagemap to my website..

    But i'm stuck between 2 types of them. I am thinking on put this image go free and not be contained by tables.. So which one would look better?? (btw my scheme of my site are the colors used in these examples)
  6. B

    can someone make this ?

    I found this on a website but can someona at least make this pic as a model????? I know this is fake
  7. Bryggz

    Goku Ssj3 Final Version Teasers! (go Now)

    hey guys im sorry to inform you but you finally got yourselves a decent ssj3 goku model (i hope, i hope) go see it at my website!!! click here! hurry!! i still have to fix the animations so that the hair doesnt go ape**** everytime i do a small action, but after i do, it'll be released...
  8. Logan4434

    goku ssj5 WIP

    heres a pic Daz will post a link to the model soon.(the pic is very crappy dont judge it bvy the pic i suggest you DL it than see how you like it in game personally i use and enjoy this model) pic: http://www.gaming-honor.com/~metalgear/esfanime/ssj5.JPG :D
  9. R

    about ssj3goku

  10. T

    Esf Max Graphics

    Hey I took a look at the screenshots u have on the website, first off On ur SCreenie of ROSAT What is that, i see a sky with clouds and there's ACTUALLY a difference betweent he sky and the floor And some of ur screenies i see shadows and sunlight I have a High end comp I'd like to know how...
  11. shinigami

    Sig, need crits....

    I'm thinking of maybe changing Vash to some db/dbz/dbgt/kenshin thing perhaps.... making it not as tall, and wider. Anyways crits are welcome.
  12. G

    LOL its so funny, I did the exsact same thing PROMISE I DID NOT STEAL!!

    Majin Vegeta Skin 2... I didn't copy LOL! i did the exsact samething, I promise I didn't steal'em and plus I think that mine suck compaired to Mr. Smo; but my friends wanted me to post them. *note i did not model just skinned* here is my normal too.... email me if you like it!
  13. M

    Esf Majin Vegeta !!SKIN!!

    I have edited the origonal esf vegeta skin to be majin vegeta cos hes coo :P heres some pics :P and here is the model file. NOTE! I DID NOT MAKE THIS MODEL!!. I ONLY EDITED THE SKIN DOWNLOAD MODEL HERE
  14. ultrassj_vegeta

    armored core wp

    didn really do much at all.... just made the bg.... then saw the pic and thot it suited it.. then just blurred sum crap.. thats bout it only.. so yhe.. just thot u ppls mite liek to see...
  15. S

    could some1 ....

    .... make a hole dustructable c00l map for the ALPHA?? cuz master-dorn doesnt want to releas his map (i think). but try make a c00l destructable map (if you guys want offcource). :p
  16. VivaLaPineapple

    rei wp madness!!

    sinc people r making these whap what u think
  17. S

    The Difference Between ESF and other mods...

    You know what iam talking about. it is NOT because i hate the other mods. if dmz would have been fun playing if it wouldnt have the many bugs... bfp is too fast and not really dbz like... but what about esf??? what is the secret behind it why we all love it??? It is the Powerlevel based...
  18. ZuL


    I finished modeling a monster i call RaizerBakkh , and i am wondering, can anyone export it from .3ds to .mdl, so SKULLEYES can skin it? Heres the url to the pic by the way: http://dynamic3.gamespy.com/~rocketcrowbar/attachment.php?s=&postid=1985 ZuL
  19. L

    zero's goku skin

    Any seen the skin/model of goku in zero's dev journal? Is it me or is that one good looking goku skin/model? Nothing against pcjoe's but i think that was is a lot more like goku. What do you think. Sorry if this is a repost, i haven't been around for a while. :p
  20. DJ-Ready

    Worldcraft3.4 / Hammer3.4

    What doh ya like more? Worldcraft 3.3 or the new Hammer3.4 (WC 3.4)... i heared that some people have probs with compiling, but on mah chomp H 3.4 takes a good job and i think that hammer3.4 is better than WC 3.3... and you?