1. M

    what's the difference?

    I went to www.redsaiyanmod.net and downloaded ESF version 2.0 and I played it, but what's the difference? Nothing changed at all and now I'm confused!?! Did it work or was I playing my old version of 1.5? And if I was playing version 1.5 than how do I swith it so I can play 2.0? And also I...
  2. E

    Ken (Street Fighter) Model (99.9%)

    Hey, ima n00bie modeler...well been modelign for a 1 1/2 now and i just wanna know what is wrong with my ken model if anything as the modeler usually doesnt see his mistakes right? well he stands at 1420 polys (AGH). heres a pic, if anyone is intereedted i would release a SDK...
  3. Akhkaru


    Well, I decided to use MS3D. I have my model made n all, but I can't export it into a HL SMD... It says "Invalid bone assignment to vertex, Model not Exported!" How can I do this?
  4. B

    skin and model (son gohan and son gohan great sayanman))

    Sorry, i don´t difference betwen skin and model. said this i can say i have made the skins and the models of::: *vegeta gt, supervegeta gt, and vegeta ssj4 http://granavenida.com/counter-empire/imagenes/noticias/vegeta.jpg *trunk gt...
  5. S

    To hard to tell...

    I have been starting my own server games and trying that teamplay mode. The models all look the same except when up close. It is impossible to discern the difference from across the map and lots of people shooting back and forth. Maybe somehting like there glow is White for Good and REd for...