1. C

    Hello Everyone! Thank You Project workers!

    I just made my account on these forums in anticipation for Final 1.0 and because of the fun I've been having with 1.2.3. Though I realize e he forums aren't too strong at the moment I feel like it was a good idea to get here before the storm and hopefully I can be one of the more active an known...
  2. war450

    Web site developer needed.

    Well, i have been creating a website for sometime now, it's mostly for my guild, you can check out my current design and template of the site at this is taking most of my time trying to improve my site with the functions i want it to have :)...
  3. )v(ajin Vegetto

    Modeling/Game developer

    As of now im a 14 year old student and ive set a few goals for future references towards modeling or what ever(lol) I want to be a gaming developer when im older, Any helps towards this? In what order will i need as in courses, software etc, any good forums and such, What will i need to learn...
  4. Mastasurf

    Team Scoring (developer poll)

    In an effort to promote teamplay we are planning on changing the way the score is kept for game modes requiring teams. Instead of individual players having stats the whole team will be combined into one total score. This means that when the scoreboard is looked at a player will only see the...
  5. sub

    Best game developer?

    What developer do you think makes the best games? I'm personally going to go with Valve because of how much I liked Half-Life and Half-Life 2. edit: Changed the word company to developer
  6. Volrath

    Problems with fps...

    Hey guys, i'm testing my map, and the fps are 15..30... and in esf_guru is 60... i think have a problem with the map uh? can someone help me? i've edited esf_city map too, but i'm not edited so much, and the fps sUx... why? help me please... (i use the Hammer)
  7. D

    Any ESF Developer willing to let us...

    get a sneak peek at perfect cell's model? I don't really care bout the saiyans as i'm pretty much burned out on them. I'm more interested in Frieza and Cell and a little with Buu. So how about it? will you post a pic of the Perfect cell model on the page? Or has work even begun with Cell...
  8. A

    Piccolo Model (High Quality)

    Hey There, We're working on a very nice Piccolo model, we need help with it.. so far we've done is his head, his cape and his shoulder pads... so we might need some serious help... You can check out the pictures on: Http:// So if you think you can...
  9. Vladdie

    when will the new models be released

    :cry: like we have been waiting for sooooooo long but no one wil release their models. why are they waiting for so long?:cry:
  10. OneWingedAngel

    Makeing .ms3d a .mdl format!

    Does anyone know how to make a .ms3d model into .mdl format. (ie: i had the model notdone in milkshape and i was working on it but when i was finished i couldn't use it in ESF because it was in .ms3d format! how can i change it to a .mdl format?) someone please...
  11. G

    I Have A Gohn Model

    heres a pic post ure email if u want it its a skin editfrom a dmz one but its editied to work with esf