1. -Origin

    I now want a Deus Ex movie.

    Live Action trailer for Human Revolution.
  2. Viper

    Deus EX 3 Discuss...
  3. -Origin

    First info on Deus Ex III.
  4. M

    Deus Ex 3

  5. M

    Deus Ex 3?!

    Source: Source: Since Wikipedia isn't considered reliable by many, I went ahead and copied the statement found in the source Wikipedia has listed on the page.
  6. vinay87

    Deus Ex 3?

    Source If this does come out, I hope its better than Invisible War ever was. But I wonder who's going to take over the franchise. Isnt Ion Storm out?
  7. S

    deus ex 2

    well what do you think will it beat the origanal or will it suck like all the other sequals of this year? edit: if you don't know about deus ex 2 go to to see some things on it
  8. AscendantSaiyan

    Deus Ex Levels

    sorry for advertising my levels i know the forums are not the yellow pages. :) I have made a few levels for deus ex and if you would like to see them you need the UnrealEd editor (the deus ex version) and you need to send your e-mail address to me @ [email protected] once...
  9. xstortionist

    I need opinions on 2 of my portfolio sites....I CANT CHOOSE!!!! need your help!!!

    I made like 5 portfolio sites, and I narrowed them down to 2 layouts. I want to know which layout looks best. or