1. G

    Deflection + Ki

    I think you should have semi-control of where you deflect it. I know that in the manga, they sort of flick it away off to the side but it would be fun knocking it back at the person who shot you. But that's not really necessary... I also think that if someone throws a Spirit Bomb or a Death...
  2. MopageBoy

    Deflection varyantion

    I was reading imkingkongs thread on trunks sword and i had an idea. when ur holding block and a weak blast comes at you you deflect it right. well what i propose is that when a ball comes at you and ur at the power level which lets you randomly flick it away you can sometimes eg 1/10 karate...
  3. Dalte89

    Blast deflection sounds

    Sorry, I don't mean to post an entire thread on something as little as this but I just wanted to know from the team if there will be sound effects for when you deflect a ki blast. ;D
  4. S

    Beam Deflection

    I think While ur Blocking and u begin Deflecting a beam while deflecting u should start to absorb the Powerlevel of the beam itself and even if u fail to deflect the whole beam itself the beam would explode right ? well if u start to absorb the power of the beam then it shouldnt Explode at...
  5. catfish

    Blocking and Deflection

    I think that you should have to press a "deflect" button to actually deflect a ki attack, or beam attacks at least. Holding block seems a bit easy to deflect beams and a benefit of a deflect button i could see is that you could MOVE while you are deflecting attacks, rather than holding block and...
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