1. Mkilbride

    Get Godmode in Windows 7

    Create a New Folder in Windows 7 only(Vista can cause ****upery), and rename it GodMode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C} Enjoy.
  2. T

    Ded. Server Command for Multi PS?

    As the topic states. Thanks :)
  3. T

    Ded. Server command to NOT make PL close to server average?

    What's the command?
  4. S

    Need ded . server help

    i rented a server ESF :) but when i try to connect it says thad mij .dll is diffrent then servers client .dll how do i switch game modes ?
  5. R

    Name reserved my own ded server

    I have admin mod and set my name for admin but when I go to join my own ded server it says name is reserved,how can I fix this?
  6. W

    Help w/ ded. server not on STEAM master server list

    I can give people my ip to play in my server, but they cannot find it when searching for it on steams master server list. Any help here?
  7. G

    Mistake in the DED pack

    When you look at the games in steam, it says "Esf Beta 1.2 INTEAM version" lol.
  8. X

    How to make a Ded. Server with Steam?

    I have ESF installed under Steam and I need help getting ESF to work with the Steam Dedicated server. Is there a file that will install the specific files i need?
  9. I

    freeza wip

    here's my freeza model im working on :p... its not anything yet but ima do the head and kneck then post another update *crits*
  10. Tweek

    Kid Buu 1.1

    ..Now this was origionaly sposed 2 be Super Buu but its sorta evolved in 2 a Kid buu over time O_o n e wayz i havnt quite finished the skin and i still hav the animations 2 do but its relase will b soon :laff: Enjoy ..Crits r welcome and smooth renderd pics shall b posted soon...
  11. E


    I started doing this kinda style last night, and I have been messing with it today, adn this is what I ended up with.
  12. Suh Dude


    i was bord so i made this
  13. D

    Show your reskins here

    Show reskins here! Here's mine, from NeD, I didn't do much detail...
  14. |Da|K|

    feel the light(clockwork remake)

    i tryed to make a remake of clock work watcha think?
  15. Nuttzy

    for those of you waiting for pro's frieza

    undoubtedly his will be better, tis is more or less a recolor and rescale of the alpha meta cooler on redsaiyan, its tested and it works just fine ingame, aside from the death ball being a bit low, (inside his body) but itll tide you over, and as crappy as it be its better than the current...
  16. DaKD

    Inuyasha WIP

    I decided to divulge my talents in another anime hehe Crits please Updated pic below
  17. V

    Pro please read

    Pro i really need your help I really love your models (edits) they are pretty much my favorite models, I am trying to work on a model of tapion and I wanted to know if mabye you could help me with it.
  18. Marauder


    well, i made this wp, took me 6 hours to render it >_< well,maybe not looking like it, but this is the most complex render i made, built from all the things i learnt.. added some things to it in ps7, dont think its done yet, might find more things to add later.. hope u like... (the pic came...
  19. G

    Hey ned

    hey ned im sorry for what i said ok and i didnt mean to have a go at u or any thing it was just vox he annoyed me because he started pocking his nose in when it had nothin to do with him. Im sorry for taking it out on u ok. I didnt know that your model wasnt the proper one and i didnt know u...
  20. D

    can somebody help?

    I wanted to know where to download a freeza sitting in that chair that floating chair the very FIRST transformation, and Cyborg Freeza