1. H

    No DBs and big pack 8.4

    i installed all files where they needed to be and i cant go higher than ssj1 and i still only have 8 of the normal characters plz help also how can i get the 2.0 patch
  2. Ramunas

    [DB:S Namek Saga's WIP] Zarbon

    Hi guys, maybe somebody knows me or not lol. I'm modeler of DBS. I've seen here some nice action going and I think I will be one active user here as well :p. Okay got some model to show lol. C&C are welcomed. ;) drawovers as well lol :D
  3. R

    DB:S Oozaru

    this is an oozaru model i put together for dragonball source. crits and comments are welcome...
  4. ReCkOninG of FirE

    [DBS] Chibi Gohan

    Some of you may already have seen this at the DBS forums but I need some more comments :) Its chibi gohan from eary in the saiyan saga in Goku's outfit! Clicky for wires :) http://img85.imageshack.us/my.php?image=untitled2zo2.jpg Thanks in advance ^^
  5. Dura

    How do u make a wish with the DBS

    Can some one tell me how to make a wish with dragon balls
  6. Volosity

    DBS Nappa WIP

    The Leader of DBS wanted me to make a model to try to get in DBS and i asked if nappa was taken and he wasn't, so i started modeling this about 4 hours ago and managed to learn how to make the correctlips and animatable mouth here is my 1st update....
  7. G

    How can I use the DBs

    How can I use the DBs and the senzus? I´ve the WON version
  8. K

    How can you have DBs and wishes in your "created Servers"

    I was wondering how you can get dbs and wishes into your games because when you go to the advance settings, its says wish limit but when i go in my crated server game there are no dbs... how do i or wat file do i have to download to get this feature in my created servers? Also, there is EVM...
  9. Amayirot Akago

    DBs are too friggin' big

    The dragonballs are too big. The Earth kind were only about as big as a tennisball; yet in ESF they're as big as the Namek ones. You should be able to hold a dragonball in one hand and use the other to shoot beams (only generic beams and ki blasts while carrying the dragonball)
  10. A

    Get 6 dbs, only to have somone steal wish with last db

    I am suggesting that you can hold more than 1 db, when u get 7 u press use and can make a wish without dropping them, without all that, if you get killed, touch luck you drop them
  11. A

    Can make a wish, even when the dbs are grey

    I was playing a map, the dbs spawned together... you can click use key while they are grey and cannot be picked up and you can wish... so....
  12. DaMan

    A thing to protect the dbs

    To protect your DBs just be Goku and put some Kame Torpidoes orund your DBs and when somebody comes by blow them,but make sure that when u set them DO NOT fly I share this because I use it. It's kinda like a trap too :)
  13. H

    Place Dragonballs in Maps

    Can anyone tell me how i can place some Dragonballs in my map everytime i made a map there were no balls !?!?!?!? can anyone help me ? PS : Are here some german people ?
  14. Moshe Kipod Ham

    LOL an ESF map prob

    In esf_mtside u can get more than 7 dbs!!! Just saw it right now and thought u should know :laff:
  15. Dr. Zaius

    Capture the DBs

    I know this is probably covered somewhere I could look, but I wasn't able to find it. I tried playing the Capture the DBs game mode, but I don't really understand it. You can pick up DBs and throw them around, but how do you get the dragon to come, and how do you make a wish? Can the dragon...
  16. Ã

    i don't know or this will help about dbs

    i don't know or this will help but tell me when your game crashes with the db mode mine crashes when the db are glowing and then somebody thakes the glowing db then it crashes i don't know if this will help you jsut telling you all BTW: when is beta2 out????