1. Deathshot

    Ranked Database

    Maybe we could have a Ranked Database server. An Official ESF server put up that has Rankings like ESF-World did. Maybe it could be up for like the first 3 months that ESF 1.3 is out. Or maybe even longer. Have the Stats posted here on Maybe have it so you can have a...
  2. sub

    ESF Database

    Alrighty, I'm basically making an ESF tutorial site. It's pretty rough around the edges right now and it's hosted on freewebs atm so .. be gentle. Crits / comments thus far?
  3. sub

    ESF Database

    Alright, this is an idea I've had for at least a year. Anyway, it would basically be a website dedicated to helping people get better at ESF. I'm not talking about people who are new to the game (though I suppose the site would also help them), I'm talking about teaching people advanced...
  4. SaiyanPrideXIX

    ESF Forum: Visual Personnel Database v1.0

    Some of you may see my other pictures thread above or below somewhere. In it, people can post pictures and talk relatively freely about whatever is in them. THIS thread is just the opposite: the idea is to have a thread that is basically just a list of everyone on the forum with a photo of them...
  5. Goten-son

    ESF file database

    hey i was thinking of adding a files database to my ESF section of my site, for you guys to download the models when you want of who you want in case any other site is down (mine is up 99.9% of the time) and to add some more content to my site because i haven't updated in a while...also iceman...
  6. L

    any maps to give

    if u have maps give me the shortcut to download them thanks u know were to put shortcut i hope see ya thanks
  7. S

    model sites ?

    I know that there maybe have been some threads like this but... Do any1 know more places to download models from than: Red saiyan ???
  8. S

    Do you know a page for skins?

    Hello, do you know a page about skins for ESF?
  9. DBZFever

    New ESF and GHP File Database

    The Forums and website are done but still under construction. -If you want your file hosted contact me. File must be ESF or GHP Related -Also looking for affiliates -I also encourage you to join my forums
  10. TimTheEnchantor

    Quickie update on my new artwork database..

    I have reworked my artwork database on my website. With this new database, you can have a slideshow which fades, snowfalls , blends, shutters, etc in & out of images. I have colorized it, and will be adding more features to it soon. ***Here is my new database...
  11. S

    REDSAIYAN File Database Accounts

    I decided to give account to mappers and modelers on, this way you will be able to add your files, without asking my permission or have a delay to get your file hosted. What you will have: - Power to add your files in any sections of the file db - Edit other files and your...
  12. S

    Database Error With Forums

    Not sure where to put this... Quite frequently when I try to enter a topic or another forum, or even post a reply, I get this database error that won't go away until I press refresh like, ten times. What's going on an' how do I fix it?