1. Damaera

    Amazing Dad, watch this nao! This guy is amazing. I wish more parents had balls like him.
  2. Kaination

    13 Year old buys hookers with dad's credit card

  3. F


    OMG MY DAD SAID YES! My dad is going to pay for half and my mom is going to pay for half so i can go to prout!!!!!! I will get to see all of my friends again. I will be able to see everyone! It will be like old times!!! OMG you dont know how happy i am things are looking up! Sorry i had to...
  4. S

    WIP: Beelzebub from Sandland (my first poly by poly)

    here's what beelzebub looks like: he's a character in Sandland, son of the devil, its written by Akira Toriyama, here's my model so far, its my first so go easy on me: i gotta make a cape, any sugestions how?, the hands arent too good but like i sed its my first try, any crits?
  5. TimTheEnchantor

    How many of you bought your art programs?

    Hehe :p
  6. I

    Umm.. Can Someone Make a Skin Of Bardock you no goku's dad..

  7. Hiro

    my dad

    I ****ing hate my dad he's a ****ing worthless **** He doesn't really deserve to live he doesn't do ANYTHING he doesn't make money he only spends it... and worse yet he wont let me use his computer when I need to do homework AND HES NOT EVEN USING IT stupid **** I hope he dies...
  8. Loki

    Website BG

    Im requesting that someone makes me a BG for the website im creating Vegetto's Domain. Like always Blue and Black fav colors to make bg out of. Maybe include a pic or 2 of Vegetto in it with its opacity down. Whoever does this for me will have full credit shown on the site with either ur esf...
  9. DiebytheSword

    It's aLiVe!

    :D <A HREF="'s_Picture_Show.html">Finally, Cucumba got his ass in gear and got some of his hand drawn stuff scanned!</A> These are not my favorites by far, but they were the only ones handy at the time. I'll have more soon :D I plan to color them...
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