1. D

    Image cutting tutorial

    Heres another photoshop tutorial I made, this one is in video form... so now you really cant accuse me of copying... I did make this back when was still here... if you gotta a problem, email me and Ill point you out to an admin at that old website. Once again I hope you have...
  2. Shao

    Cutting sounds from a video (avi)

    I have VirtualDub 1.4.10 and I wanted to gather sounds from a DBZ Movie, but the problem is it's in avi format. VirtualDub doesn't allow me to open avi formatted files. Is there some sort of patch for a version that does allow me to open avi files, or perhaps another program I can use?
  3. Optional

    Optional's New Map!

    I am working on my largest and most detailed map ever! It will have no mapping errors at all. It utilizes the whole HL world (well, nearly all...a small area around edge cannot be mapped...). It shall have secrets too :P . I will be posting pictures of the map every once and a while! I have a...
  4. Lil Gohan

    New Sig

    i made a new sig, tell me what you think
  5. D

    mah siggy

    Definatly not my best work, but i figured, hey its Christmas Eve, Time for a sig. so i came up with this... (It was like a 5-15 min job lol (not including cutting the gogeta image out :P) I know. It kinda sucks. But some crits would be nice :) [Edit: Made a few slight changes :P]
  6. VivaLaPineapple

    i need a critque

    well my first 3ds max/photoshop sig what u think? any suggestions for future? fonts/ 3d design/character ect..
  7. D

    how can i get it back to .mdl

    Hi u guys i am trying to edit skins and models from esf, but now im stuck. look i made from the .mdl in milkshape a .smd but now my model is finisht and i want to compile it back in .mdl but how?? sorry for my bad english but if anyone could help me i be thanking you ;D
  8. DiebytheSword

    OMFG, Productivity pwns.

    New atomic divisions stuff, do not use without permission. :] Dread Tusk Gaehurg Maant C-N-C!!!! Very, very quickly drawn.
  9. V

    new sig

    was bored so i made this picture for my sig in a few minutes, only part that took long was cutting out the picture =/
  10. VivaLaPineapple

    wallpaper advice

    what should i add in the bg?