1. Macro-Gamer

    Sig Crits Please!

    i have made a couple of sigs for some people and i have gotten a new host so the pics should work now. tell me wat u think, and all opinions are wanted. P.S geocities SUX!
  2. S

    ehh...sig, crits please hmm, this is a bit different from anything ive ever made... i duno if its good or not. could some one gime crits please? EDIT* : \ my normal sig hoster isnt working properly, so just copy paste the link please
  3. TimTheEnchantor

    The All Seeing Eye wallpaper..

    Heres my newest piece -- The All Seeing Eye Probably my weirdest one. This is combined with 3d studio max and photoshop to make airbrush affects and to allow erosion to symbolize how old and wize the eye is. I was asking myself how the earth came to be and I took a quick snapshot of my...
  4. S

    new siggie

    sig i made for a friend of mine:
  5. A

    Critz on my new siggy

    Well.. I made a new sig... this is my 4th sig and i am a HUGE!!! n00b in photoshop... but here it g0se. soo... is it good 2 use? :rolleyes: // zion
  6. freeportpretz22

    A Veggetto?

    OK, I went to get the Red Sayian, and the file of Veggetto was corrupt :S So does anyone know who has a Veggetto or where I can get one? Thanks, peace out. War Hamster
  7. |Da|K|

    my sigs tell me...

    hello here are some of my sigs over the weeks that i made..... sorry cant show you my homepage of sig then you see all my futre ones :D :talk:
  8. X

    Black Star Dragon Balls

    Hey guys. This is just something I did out of boredom. Its not much. But I skinned the original Dragon Balls. To look like the Black Star Dragon Balls. Only diffrence is that the skin is darker. And the stars are black Heres a pic...
  9. N

    How about a different looking aura for powering up?

    The current powerup aura is kinda doesnt look right i dont think anyway you could like use the turbo aura but make it bigger when powering up? Just a random thought from a noob.
  10. H

    New Kenshin sig

    well I finally got around to making a new sig.. i like it, personally i think it turned out better than my old one.. tell me what you think NEW: OLD: im wondering though if I should make Kenshin's eyes open sooner so it's noticed... ???:]
  11. T

    DakD about your ssj3 goku model..

    can you fix up the clothing on your latest version? it looks wired how theres all torn up he looks like a ganster lol can u just make his normal clothing?
  12. -DiGi.GoHaN

    100% rip free gfx

    k , im gonna delete my sig , and make my own sinse the bground for it was ripped , and from now on i will not rip anymore stuff , i swear , if i do u can ban me , thanks dev u da man :].
  13. R@!D3R

    -]DS[- Website Layout!

    Well I've started to make a layout and here it is What you guys think? If you want to join emial me at [email protected] later
  14. S

    Psx Cover Contest Entries

    Esf's Psx Cover Contest Alright, This is Esf's contest of the month The objective of this contest is much different than the first. Instead of Cg's, Wallpapers or sigs I thought (With help from Ryoko) What about a new unique idea? Why don't we design the front cover of a Play Station...
  15. VivaLaPineapple

    another wp yeah u know u love it....and if u ont oh well
  16. Loki

    Vegetto Wallpaper

    Could someone make me a 1024 x 724 Vegetto wall paper prefered color is blue.
  17. Ryoko

    POLL: Which sig and avatar should I use?

    I'll add to this thead again if I make some more bu the question is this: Sig and avatar a) or b) My current one.
  18. Ryoko

    Last Wallpaper in this style (unless I am uninspirational)

    Ok, unless I really can't find a new style, this is the last one of this kind of style from me. What do you think of it?
  19. M

    working on a sig.. need help!

    i'm working on a new sig (the current one is made by greentaco) but i'm not so good with graphics :) so i want to ask if someone could do some text to put in it cuz i can't do that i want my name ( ~ Majin-Satan ~ ) somewhere in this: please don't comment the quality it's not done yet...
  20. R

    Guess who! (Current Work)

    Welp here it is, finally got another modeling program and I'm going back at it, tell me what you think peace:idea: