1. S

    Map backgrounds

    I was just curious as to if I could create some future backgrounds used for the various maps. It just seems like most backgrounds for most maps are pretty boring or just flat out terrible, well, to me anyhow. So, should I show an example to convince you? Or is anyone interested in backgrounds...
  2. Messiah Daz

    My Sig

    Well I am not so good at graphics but what do you guys thing of my sig? Oh and My Avatar as well.
  3. F

    ESF Vegito Model

    just incase you havent seen it yet
  4. Frieza

    Just Curious

    Umm 2 questions. 1) Doese anyone know anything about this Ps2 game Dbz:fighters I know its a tekken based game. Any other info? 2) Are there really girls on this forum, i mean ( No offense to anyone ) But I didnt think a Girl would have any interest in Half-life or Esf?? 3) It says ive...
  5. S

    im curious

    im curious to know how many SSJ levels there are going to be in the beta... like just SSJ or will there be SSJ2 and SSJ3... sorry if this question has already been asked i try to look at every thread.. o and one other thing how do you get a icon or picture under your name.. thanks
  6. I

    just curious

    i havent been to the site in forever since it was down im guessin, and did u guys finally release the beta? or u still holdin on to it....
  7. Guru_San

    Can any1 make Mech Model?

    Hey All just curious, id like to see some Mech models if anyone can please tell me so, BUT please dont post and say "No Sorry i cant" just only post i you can it cuts spam G-S
  8. W

    Just curious

    It's been a while since I've played this, and I'm just curious if anyone has any information on beta 1's release, other than the fact that it will(hopefully) be released in the next year?;) Just wondering cause the updates make it look like it's going to be great
  9. T

    this might be dumb but read this and tell me what you think

    im going to make 3 models but no one laugh just to make the dbz series even cooler im going to make ssj5 goku vegeta and trunks, give me your feedback and do you think i should do them
  10. D

    Hey can i join as a modeler ? just tell me which one

    If you guy's tell me which model i should make i'll do it. and i should have it ready in a few day's. If possible give me a character that's hard to model so you can see my skills. and if you like it can i join ? ( no i will not join any other mod than ESF ) Please contact me on MSN ...
  11. Guerilla

    I need help making models

    I currently map allot, but im curious on modeling, how am i going to find tutorials for milk-shape? please post links, AND i know this is a bit "illegal" but where can i get the milkshape 3d "[email protected]" i don't want to have 30 days and thats all, im to cheap to pay for it.. hehe if you...