1. BladeZ

    I have a idea for us to know what you guys are doing at times

    Why don't the developers film 1 of making the game so we can see what they are doing? titled "ESF regular work week"
  2. ssj3Viper

    Just curious...

    What's needed for someone to become a beta tester for esf?
  3. Spunky

    Hmm, Curious...

    Are there any sites that offer the ESF-World Model Pack besides ESF-World? I can't download from their FTP, which is the only method of downloading that they offer. Seems I can only download from HTTP. Can anybody send me the model pack on Xfire or AIM or something? Also, I need Darksun's aura...
  4. F

    Just curious: Will the forum ever be fixed?

    I know that you all know it's been "broken" for some time now. But will it get fixed? My best guess is that's Greg's problem, and seeing as he's never around that it may not get fixed anytime soon. But it's just annoying when i try to say something, and put a ":)" at the end, it doesn't show...
  5. S

    Just curious ?

    Why was my orignal account canceled or something? it's SupaSaiyaMan , [email protected] i posted a message 4 a friend ... earlier.. im here to reply 4 him....
  6. G

    music question plz answer im curious

    to use the play list i have to go into the playlist editor and double click the first song and then open esf. do people who join hear this music or is the game silent for them. i want to be able to have an esf playlist that i have added other songs into that everyone will hear.
  7. CM

    Just curious...

    where do you hold your beta test sessions, team? Is it on steam or WON?
  8. S

    Curious Poll

    Im wondering even though i make alot of polls and most of you dont know me do you like me
  9. Mr. Satans

    Curious About A v1.2b Feature

    I have been curious about the following tweak for v1.2b Automaticly set boundingboxes for envmodels, if they are not provided within the model itself [done] Does this mean that mappers will no longer need to wrap a carefully shaped clip-brush around env_models? *Crosses Fingers*
  10. P

    Just Curious....

    I was wondering if there was some sorta single player expeirence with this game because i got 56k...well enough said Also how large is the File(like Mb's) cause if im gonna dl a file i dont want it to last 3 days anywayz thx in advance and once i get Cable im looking forward to killinf u all...
  11. M

    Just Curious

    Hey, I don't mean to bug anyone or be picky but could someone tell me roughly when Beta 1.2 is coming out? I don't want anyone to think that I'm rushing the ESF team because if their making it good, by all means, take as much time as you need. I'd just like to know, if it's possible, roughly...
  12. T

    every time i add a new map it doesnt work

    the subject says it all
  13. A

    Looking for a Model...

    I heard there was a model of Dante (devil may cry) for esf.... i dont know wether maybe it was a request of if it was done but im curious if someone has seen or has this model?? greatly appreciated if u know where to get it...
  14. Morrone

    Question on Animated Pictures

    I'm just curious as to how to make these animated pictures with multiple slides put together to create a moving picture. I heard somewhere that your suppose to use .GIFs. Is this true and how would I go about it? Thanks for your time.
  15. R

    Help Required - Poly By Poly Technique

    I've been modeling off and on for a little while now, things have been interupting me as of late though. So I'm a bit rusty, and keep discovering new things. I used 3DS Max 5, I was curious as to how people do Poly By Poly modeling though? I've searched for the right tool to do it for sometime...
  16. I

    yo mods im curious

    hey ppl like Hsu and other mods, do you think you could post a reason why your closing a topic? cause it really makes me think why you would close a thread without a reason. i know thre is a reason, but come on. i want to KNOW! plz
  17. Cheeto101

    Question about FB sprite

    Hmm just a question, but is it possible to make trunk's FB sprite look any thing kinda like a mini spirit bomb (i mean not exactly like, itd be blue and have the kinda tail effect thing). Play any of the snes games with the fb to figure out what im talking about. I have no experience with...
  18. S

    im curious...

    this has probably been asked before so im sorry, but i was wondering what version you will be able to go to the second transformation or possibly the 3rd transformation with characters thanks.
  19. M

    Just Curious

    Hello eveyone ive made a website yesterday and im wondering what every one thinks of it so far im gonna put alot more esf pics on it my own and others and of course other random pics as well it is just a crap site but im working on it :) give me a rating of 1 -10 and bare in mind its my first...
  20. Epedemic_Optikz

    Just Curious

    Just Curious But I Kinda Think These Were better textures for Cell_day.How come no use??? :]