1. Synth

    Cure for Juvenile Diabetes? I'll just put this here.
  2. sub

    Cure for cancer, maybe? Pretty interesting.
  3. S

    Potential Cure for HIV?,23599,21987942-2,00.html
  4. Smith

    Potential Cure for HIV?,23599,21987942-2,00.html
  5. S

    Cure to diabetes in sight? Sounds promising.
  6. Smith

    Cure to diabetes in sight? Sounds promising.
  7. Kaination

    Cure to Nervousness? :(

    Yeah, I just took my karate test. I used to say I was NEVER nervous and such, and I would never be. I guess I was WRONG So good news I passed, bad news, I was neverous as **** <--- (Capitalized) So when I'd explain a block and such, I'd studder, look around, play with my belt (I suck :p)...
  8. X

    Bling Bling! LOL Tell me what ya think....

    Most of you may have noticed this from previous posts... But what do you all think about my new Sig/Avatar :P The avatar is just a "Screen" Cap but it fits :p I r the l3373$t Black Swordsman LOL j/k sorry im hyper :p
  9. A


    I need some photoshop help. I just got photoshop 7 yesterday and I nees some help: 1. How do I make the grid lines? I see a lot of you have grid lines in your sigs. How do you make em? 2. How do you fade things? 3. Hod do you create cool borders. Kind of like the border in my curent sig...
  10. F

    Vegeta 1st model ever...

    Look. i r teh make 1st ever model. (its a bit poo but its my 1st try, and I gave up after a bit cus I cant save them anyway cus my milkshapes expired.) and the ref pic and skin
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