1. Raeku

    IRB Rugby World Cup 2011

    Hey Everyone! Anyone else here supporters of Rugby??
  2. Killface

    Stanley Cup Playoffs

    Any thoughts on it? I'm making the assumption (along with 80% of everyone else) that it's gonna be a carbon copy of last year's Finals between the Wings and the Penguins. And yes, I'm also making the same assumption as nearly everyone else that the Wings are gonna retain the cup. ;]
  3. B

    WTB solid gold cup, plz send tell. o.O Discuss
  4. Raeku

    IRB Rugby World Cup

    Its finally over! What a brilliant IRB World Cup, Hats off to England for giving their all in the final. Anyone here big Rugby supporters??
  5. CM

    Whoa whoa whoa, where's the World Cup thread?

    I was really surprised that no one had made a World Cup thread here. Anyway, WOO! Ecuador just whooped Poland! Though the Poles really deserved to at least draw. I really want Paraguay to beat England for some reason, even though it won't happen.
  6. Tassadar

    Lightning Win Lord Stanley's Cup

    Tampa Bay Lightning just won the coveted prize in hockey, Lord Stanley's Cup. Post comments here. Personally I think they deserved it, Calgary did not play like they truly wanted it until the third period. Congradulations to Lightning and Calgary (for beating the Detroit Red Wings).
  7. P

    euro cup 2004 banner

    sorta bored and i wus in the mood for soccer since italy just qualified for the euro cup so.. nothing amazing but i like it :D (not a sig.. banner)
  8. G

    Fifa world cup

    Hey guy,s i want to know which team do wish to be the winner? i want to see japan on 1st place