1. Kaination

    Kaination's epic contest video for rockbandparts lawl, the contest was to make a video why you should win the 'new guitar', and to make it funny so i did. for any newbies / people who don't know, i'm the main guy / the person in the beginning lawl
  2. Mr.Lukyas

    Eurovision Song Contest - keeping tradition

    So, who is the sexiest singer? I find Slovenian girl and Greek one pretty hot. Also, Slovenian girl sings well. Which is +.
  3. VideoJinx

    Contest Model Progress

    If anyone here plans on entering the contest put up your models here =] for early critique during the early stages of your model =] I plan on entering that contest and when I progress on my model alittle.. I'll put it up here for show and crits...!:yes:
  4. S

    3d Modeling Contest

    Hello My Name is Derrenus and me and the company I work for Entertainment Enfinity are having a 3d Modeling contest everyone is welcome to join it's free to enter and there will be an cash prize for first second and third place winners come to our home page for more detail
  5. M

    A signature for some contest.

    Here is the picture: Consider that I used no C4D's, just the stock.
  6. Suh Dude


    Imagine if Earth's Special Forces was standalone, reach an agreement with Funimations, then imported for the Wii. The Advanced Melee could be used with the Wii-mote, nun chuck, etc.. What if ESForces ever let fans make the cover to be used on the Wii Case for their game? Wouldn't you think...
  7. Z

    contest #9 - full metal alchamist

    DESCRIPTION: This competition is about all full metal alchamist characters. Here you can Model you fma Character or Even Redesign him if you want to. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RULES: - A Character from fma - Polycount up...
  8. kaiz0ku

    Web Design Contest!(?)

    So I thought that some contest about web design would be nice. Only screenshot for layout is enough so you dont have to code it or anything. And the theme would of course ESF. There would be no prize except honour and fame. ^^ So what do you say? o_o EDIT: And sites would be for some ESF...
  9. S

    Photoshop Cookie Contest!

    Edit it, add pics, remove stuff. Just make it look good or funny =p The winner get's a cookie =p (No *** **** like pasting a goku picture on there with horrible cutting >_<)
  10. mac1029

    ok i have a contest for you sig makers

    I want a signature, but i cant make one :( This is a contest to see who can make me the best signature. (or a cheap attempt to get a sig:( ) I want it to have future trunks with the sword super saiyan and for it to say saiyan knight. Im sick of people calling me mac (thats my kiddy name.)
  11. esf-w | Max2

    ESF-League Contest

    Well, shortly As maybe some of you already knew we'll start a league soon but we need a new header so here is the deal :) Rules: Same image size same image name same image file type color scheme MUST match that of the current league text to be included is ESF League,
  12. PiXel

    Link of The Legende Of Zelda: Ocorina of time/SKINNING CONTEST

    Ok Dudes... May someone remember a Link model? The creator (Onno) live on his own allready 1 year or more... he lost his model... but i got the model... and we searched for some who could skin it... so we dont found anybody :( NoW I DECIDED TO DO A SKINNING CONTEST! Model: Link/(Only the...
  13. ultrassj_vegeta

    1.3 Tien Contest Entry

    Since the thread is long gone I started this thread. I will skin map this afterwards, I will also skin it unless a good skinner would like to give it a shot aswell. 490 polys so far
  14. ultrassj_vegeta

    1.3 Tien Contest Entry

    Since the thread is long gone I started this thread. I will skin map this afterwards, I will also skin it unless a good skinner would like to give it a shot aswell. 490 polys so far
  15. Eon

    Mango's Holiday Signature contest !_!

    Yep! a signature contest! :D Basically, the rules are, keep it a holiday/winter theme, keep it within the ESF size limits, and the pictures/text is your choice. The winner will receive just a lil banner or something declaring they won, and respect. :o No big prize, just for the fun...
  16. G

    Tien for the esf Contest.

    A bit delayed, But allright . This is Eclipses model, with my skin on . Still have to map the rest of the body before I will have it ifnished . But It will be finished around this weekend. I'd say tomorrow. @ Shijing, Are you still offering to animate ? Oh btw, My wacom broke, so It's...
  17. N

    Modeling Contest

    Almost. I will edit this thread tommorow. But before I get it started... I wanna know what you would like to see. I dont wanna put up a model to be done, and no ones wants to do it. I'd like to see a non DBZ character but I'm pretty sure no one will participate. I'd personaly like to see...
  18. Enix

    Half Life 2 Logo Contest

    Half Life 2 Logo Contest Ok, and here are the rules: -------------------------------------- Use THIS logo Any size you want No specific style, just do what you do best, but it MUST be based on the logo --------------------------------------- The Winner will be declared by...
  19. Mr. Satans

    ~~> Contest <~~

    Hokay, I am in need of two sigs...well...they're actually banners but I wasn't sure where exactly to post this. Alright, I need two 340x56 pixel images for my servers. Server #1 --> Mr. Satan's ESF Playground Server #2 --> Mr. Satan's SC Playground (SC = Sven-Coop) I need something...
  20. Sonic the Vampire

    Tien 1.3 Modelling Contest Sounds For those of you who don't follow the modelling section we're having a Tien modelling contest. The winner, provided his model is of "ESF-Quality" will get his Tien put into ESF, attacks coded in by harSens. Outside of a model and...