1. dudeman

    and yet another wp :D

    last one for tonight! i swear! this wp has one problem, adult content.. its not porn or hentai but just nudity..:rolleyes: o_o
  2. G

    PuppetpallZ the comic

    Give a big CREDIT to Cold Steel the creator of this funny comic puppetpall z part 1: puppetpall z part 2: puppetpall z part 3 4 and 5 can be found at ...
  3. Ryoko

    Ryoko's layout

    Well I decided to make a lil diary showing the creation of a website layout I may use. Now its my first ever so I have no idea what to do but I may as well post it. Being updated later.
  4. S

    Where can I get a map maker to make ESF maps?

    Can someone plz give me a site to download a map maker? I'm really interested in making some ESF maps
  5. freeportpretz22

    Making Models

    Maybe if some would help me get started on models, I got milkshape 3d, and HL model viewer (not sure if I need that tho) Well if anyone wants to help let me know! P.S. My AIM is DavisC6590 and My ICQ is 157948594
  6. S

    Meh Portfolio Site

    hello :o i decided it was time to update my site, so I did. but, my upload speed is all messed up, so I cant upload the content yet, but you guys CAN comment on the layout. C&C Welcome
  7. Q

    New Portfolio Layout....

    Well i decided i'd make a portfolio site for myself so i spent the better part of this morning (about 2 hours) putting this one together is photoshop. I really think it turned out well but i can see places where I am going to have to tweak and move things around and I'm gonna have to add a...
  8. S

    DBZ Revo Layout!

    Well I'm in Italy ATM but I'm using a cousins computer. Talk about Gfx Heaven, You wouldn't believe some of the software they've got here! Well, Heres a Web Site I'm making for my nephew and his friends. What do ya guys think? And the splash screen :) I think I've improved alot so...
  9. Hsu

    My Splash Screen

    Well I saw all the splash screens being made so I made my own one. If you want to use it you can get the bmp here.... be scared its over 800 kb.. >_< It looks really nice in game.
  10. D

    esf comics?

    Im trying to get a bunch of people from different mods to submit comic strips to my website. So far I got a few d00ds from SI to help out the media guys! comics i'll be more than willing to host the images if you guys are willing to help out.
  11. [SAS]Orion

    n00 siggeh!

    I made a new sig for myself, what do you think? Also, got any ideas for what I can add to it?
  12. 4xMega-Saiyajin

    My 1st scanned...2 , thread for jennyKitty

    I dunno if Jenny_Kitty wanted to post anything else on her topic , but cause of me and 2 other guys , Jenny_Kitty´s thread was closed , so here she has her topic again , hope there will no flaming be in this thread again!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Q

    Please send me all ur models

    Send me all ur models so i can post them on my new ESF fan page and give them publicity i will also review them:yes: