1. Mkilbride

    Electronic Arts removes content from Battlefield 3′s Aftermath and End Game DLC Well that's shit. It appears they're offering people refunds who brought Premium. I was almost thinking about buying Premium as well, even though I don't play often. Guess it'll be...
  2. Disguise

    Free Forum content ownership?

    I'm looking for a Free Forum service. I'm planning on developing original content, and I wanted to check first to see if I would be the owner of any information that's posted by me or others. Anyone know how forums work?
  3. B

    One time only thing! Force pit content released!

    Just kidding. Discuss.
  4. The Deco

    A Sims style game with adult content

    Does any of you know a game in Sims style only with more adult content. I mean like, not cartoony, foolish "sex" or no blurs in bathroom, stuff like that. Mature content but in Sims style(Build house, get job etc...) Edit: I'm a senior member xD
  5. M

    Street Fighter IV - New Content

    Pretty much confirmed. SF4 release date; Summer 2008 Japanese Arcades.
  6. J

  7. Almighty_Gir

  8. G

    Check out this recording (guitar content )

    Well I recorded this song today and edited it and I thought it sounded pretty cool. So I decided to share it with yall I've been playing since my late 14's and got serious at 15 during the summer ( practiced quite a bit ) and i'm 16 now.. Enjoy...
  9. ZeroNightmare

    Free Oblivion Content Download

    yeah if any of oyu have live, they are letting you download mehrunes razor for free until january 2nd i believe. big whoop but i figured some1 might be interested. i downloaded it, and i thought the quest was really cool... up until the end it was like bam, i have the dagger.
  10. .Maze

    Custom Content in POTW

    Hi. I was thinking about "Not having Custom Content in the Potw". If there would custom content be allowed (not in the funky pic way... :P) where just show custom Maps, Models or Sprites then i think that wouldnt be too bad. Also the Creators of these Custom Stuff could be advertised a little...
  11. Cold Steel

    [Fanfiction]Berserk: The misery.[May contain unstuitable content]

    I allways wanted to write a good story. Sadly enough my english not good enough to write a convincing story in english, but I want to give it a try anyway. Be gentle on my spelling and stuf =] Here goes. Oh, and before you read, this may include some "shocking content/ not suitable content...
  12. majin goketa

    Warning!! Contains Graphic Content

  13. E

    Good website to download esf content

    Hi, I just wanted to give the address of a website that I find interesting if you want to change ur models and stuff+generally u dont have to wait too much (3 seconds or if it's big files, 10mins) : Hope it's helping -EAgle_47
  14. X

    Content Control Password

    wat is the content control password?
  15. S

    saiyan 4 on esf?

    my freind tells me he has got supersaiyan 4 goku but no tail is this true if so wer can i get him?
  16. Yazuken

    How do you make Ouside maps/Landscapes

    Hi, i just found out that you cant make huge rooms in valve hammer editor or your map will get an error. But if you cant make huge rooms, then how do you make outside landscapes? Wouldnt you need the ceiling of the rooms to be the sky? im really confused. please help me out.
  17. Kman3252

    Young Goku

    This is a model by Tomwoof. Its avaible free at turbo Squid but it is a lightwave file. If anyone has this program and could make it into a .mdl file that would be awseme. :yes: :yes: :yes: pic...
  18. S

    Creating a kamehameha

    I'm not much of an artist, but I came upon a pre-kamehameha Vegetto picture, and I just though "This picture looks so naked," so I decided to create the energy in his hands using Corel Photo-Paint Version 8. Custom 1. I made this one first. I made a yellow lens flare, but it was too...
  19. Cheeseman

    Important Modelling News!

    From this point onwards, people posting modelling threads based on their projects will be required to supply images of their work. Failure to do so will result in removal of aforementioned threads and warnings being distributed to repeat offenders. You may think this sounds harsh, but until...
  20. Y

    My first try

    This is my first esf map. It is fully destroyable and surrounded by deadly lava. I hope you like and tell me what i can make better. Here are some pics: Ingame 1 (Broken Link) Ingame 2 Ingame 3 Spec 1 Spec 2 Spec 3 And if you want to download it ----> : fa_lavaarena...
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