1. Syed Noman

    hi i help me with esforces on Steam

    when i choose internet games in esforces and and find servers it takes 2 minuts to connect with valve server after connecting there is no server and also when i click on creat server game crashes and gives error. . and also please give me steam esforces server ids
  2. S

    Server connecting problems

    Hey, if i connect on ecx server i always hang at : Ressources going to get saved in Pre-Cache the game freeze then :/ normals esf servers are no prob any suggestions?
  3. Yuenku

    Connecting Server help

    Somthing is wrong, whenever I try to connect to a server, it says "Valve validation rejected" does anyone know what this means?
  4. D

    help connecting

    for some reason steam will not connect to any servers when i try to connect to a server it just doesnt connect and retry's until it quits ive done virus/spyware checks to see if anything was interfering with the connection, nothing seems to help only thing is i cant uninstall steam so i...
  5. K

    Connecting a Hard Drive and a CD Drive

    Ok here is my problem, well, not really a problem just wondering if i can do this or not. Right now, i have a 80GB hard drive that i need to hokeup and 1 DVD drive. My motherboard only has 1 connection for the cable. So while im waiting for my ATA PCI adapter, i was wondering if i could hoke the...
  6. G

    Im having problems connecting to servers

    When I load the game and click on "find servers," it just says "could not contact master game server to retrieve server list". Any ideas on how to fix?
  7. nvrslep303


    Everytime i try to connect to any server at some point the bar just stops.. What is wrong and what do i have to do?
  8. K

    Connecting to servers problem

    I just got highspeed and am i happy lol. it downloads and connects to everything just fine, except for some of my games like UT2004 and Battlefield 2, and it even brings up an error with Xfire saying that it cant connect to the server. I took my firewalls down and tryed it, still the same...
  9. A

    need help not connecting

    hi just got the game looks good just cant play it. if i try and connect to a server it states (restricted to local clients c) and doe's not let me connect, i have all the newest patch's 123 please help, also thinking of getting halflife source will this work with esp thanks.
  10. M

    Im troublE COnnecting to a server

    Okey Here it goes..... im trying to connect right so i connect but then it says my client is diffrent i hav ESF 1.2 Also it says my .dll differs from the server???? and theres a server thats running 1.2.1 ?????? okey i put it in the steam directery for esf but i still get this my .dll...
  11. A

    Steam Connecting Error (no help in other threads)

    I'm frustrated with this... (i've checked all the other threads... not one help me with my problem) well i had this game working for me on MY computer, but my computer is gone now... ****ed up... anyways. I installed it on this one i'm on, And when i try to connect to an internet game, it...
  12. R

    Connecting Problem

    I can play the game just fine but when I try to select a server it says that my client.dll differs from the server's, I've put that fmod.dll file in the Half-Life folder just as the other topics said but that didn't do anything, how can I solve this problem?? Can someone who's able to connect...
  13. R

    [help] client crashes when connecting to esf linux server

    On connection to my esf linux server I crash (not the server) and so does everyone else who trys... I don't have metamod running. It's a stock esf steam server... You can try your self here Server IP address i have it set as nomaster right now so it won't show up on the lists...
  14. X

    Help with connecting to servers

    hi, when i connect to servers everything loads up but when the loading bar comes up for when i click on a server to join, it stays on 'Parsing server info' and then gets a half-life/ steam error. please help me so i can play on internet servers. thx :cool:
  15. S

    Crashes when connecting to server

    When ever I go to connect to a server, even a LAN on my own computer, HL stop responding. When I installed the game it said something about a corrupt install file but it was just a MP3 file so I skipped it. And I was so eager to play this mod.
  16. K

    Connecting to Server

    Hey I keep trying to connect to a internet server but each time it says to me your earth special forces is executable want to look for update and it keeps sending me to the half-life update which I allready did a million times can somebody please help me :cry:
  17. Enix

    need help connecting arms and head

    ok im working a krillin model and i need help connecting the arms and the head. i know that your supposed tosnap and weld the vertexs together but it wont work on the arms. some one please help. <p>here is the model: <p>
  18. Hellhound

    Connecting to any server, help needed pls

    I have a problem seeing servers and joining them. First my PC is not dircetly connected to the net. When I want to join an esf server the are non display. I press the update button, nothing happens, so I went online and look for servers and found a bunch. I pressed add server and type in the IP...
  19. S

    ESF connecting screen freeze

    Ok when ever i try to play esf i get to the screen where i am connecting to a server and it just freezes. I just updated my video card and it started happening.
  20. ssjFajita

    Connecting from 1.5-1.6.........

    Can I connect from my steam 1.6 ESF to a non-steam server? Also, is there anyone else who has steam ESF servers. I have tried this old server that I know the IP address by heart ( and it is always runnign yet, when I try to connect to it it gives me this steam ticket Bu!!S^@T. Is...
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