1. VideoJinx

    A Friendly complaint to ESF

    I think it's nice that their "is" progress, but I'm noticing that all the progress is going into graphics(not that it's a bad thing either). I would really prefer if ESF as a group went into focus on "A melee system that would Define ESF". I mean, whats the point in beeffing up a game's...
  2. Kreshi

    SSJ4 Goku Beta!!!

    Ok, i have not finished the goku, but it is almost done! Look: The problem is the body.......... the body sucks :fight: :laff: :cry: And I have also still to make a tail, but the tail isn´t the problem.... the problem is the animations from the tail!!!!! Wahhhhhhh, I don´t have any...
  3. N

    I'd like to lodge a formal complaint.

    I downloaded both the patch and the full version of 1.1 just fine(The patch messed my freinds esf installation up bad by the way. "HL Has preformend an Illegal act" it says whenever he tries to make a server). My problem is that the installer keeps freezing! I know why it does too. It is...
  4. TimTheEnchantor

    Someone ripped Exploding Aura..

    All artist's beware They blatantly took Exploding Aura V2 the bg and use it on their forums. If they do not take it down, legal action will be taken, as I have copyrighted every image I make. His name is gipper. Edit: seems he has taken it down, but...
  5. ZuL

    Sword superslash animation

    I made it for fun, and it turned out to be very good! I hope i get this into my mod... :) oh well, heres the link to the zip. ZuL
  6. D

    Complaint >:(

    i'm very ****ed cause the chracters beams ain't fairley spread out, I'm more or less talkig about vegeta's attacks, there so quik to get to full power and always more poerful, like goku should be more powerful but he has sprit bomb which take sabout half an hour to get to full, it****ed me off...