1. Damaera

    [Old PotW] PoTW: Buu Renders

    Almost put 09.. damn, not used to it being the new year yet T_T
  2. J

    NARUTO MMO is nothing compared to.....

    this project now thats something to look foward to
  3. J

    NARUTO MMO is nothing compared to.....

    this project ... sorry i cant post on the naruto fourms so i did it here lol
  4. Mccdbz5

    3 versions of Dragon Ball Z compared

    Take a look at this video: It compares three different versions of Dragon Ball Z. The Japanese one first, then the U.S. one, and then the Canadian one (I think, or the U.K. one). I think it's really cool when you get to compare probably the best...
  5. Suh Dude

    PC Games compared to Console Games?

    I've been noticing that PC Games are getting alot cheaper once they release. Like for example, the game Doom 3, it was $59.99 When I got it on the release date, next four weeks they reduced it to $30 dollars. Next month, I see it for only $15. For the console games, they stay the same for...
  6. @

    Object size compared to Resolution

    hey all, whenever i adjust the resolution of the game, the hud, scouter and arrows for advanced melee get bigger/smaller. i dont know about everyone else, but i personally wish that when i went to 1600x1200 the box wasn't so small. just a thought. hope its doable. :)
  7. A

    What makes DBGT Suck Compared to DBZ?

    I just wanted to know why everyone hated DBGT so much more then DBZ. I myself really don't hate GT.
  8. T


    critz tooik me about a hour
  9. S


    credits azn for the great saiyaman model -Frieza- Model: Vassago brollman for the old vegeta edit/skin (if any one can plzz tell me the maker of the dmz brolly model i will be very greatfull becaus ei cant find the site or any thing, i have used the red part of the model cloth...
  10. S

    New pic of Teck from DBNG

    here you go: If you havent checked out our new site yet have a look at:Dragonball NG Enjoy, (new issue of NG out soon!)
  11. O

    Cell's Size

    This has no doubt been brought up before, but it's not mentioned recently and a quick search didn't reveal any topics. (Besides, how do you search for something quite this specific?) The current Cell form two model is tiny. He should be very tall - in the show, he's a full head above Vegeta...
  12. Marauder


    well, i made this wp, took me 6 hours to render it >_< well,maybe not looking like it, but this is the most complex render i made, built from all the things i learnt.. added some things to it in ps7, dont think its done yet, might find more things to add later.. hope u like... (the pic came...
  13. G

    My map Just started , what ya guys think so far?
  14. owa

    New Sig

    Hi, I just finished my sig which I am pretty proud of, the Chick is the lovely samus, and its fan-art which is why the pic is semi-low quality. Tell me what you think.
  15. B

    2nd sig

    becouse nobody liked my first sig, I made another one. Does anyone like it?
  16. Cold Steel

    Request for the namek dragon.

    Usually i don't make requests but since i'm not a modeler I would like to see the namek dragon ,does anyone volunteer(prolly not spelled correct).The namek dragon is a lot cooler then shenlong.
  17. S

    Bigger Aura

    Hi, im new in this forum and im a german boy ;) I have a question: The Aura wich is in beta 1 looks boring for me! Can someone please make a bigger aura than the normal? PLZ Big THANX I hope you can help!
  18. G

    some wallpaper

    nothing special tryed to make a some sort of fire wall where deatscythe is flying through need some comments sorry if its just a plain and simpel wall
  19. Wuying Ren

    Small Piccolo Skinedit

    I made a small skin edit. I added the lines on his arms and made his suit more like that
  20. TehMuffinMan

    my cheap battle damaged vegeta

    well, this is my very cheap attempt at a battle damaged vegeta: well, tell me, its only a 3 min job so dont expect anything good :S but anyways, i woz gonna do a skin for another model but i dunno which one, so, who do u think i should do? (ps, its AZN's model, just the edited the skin:S )