1. sub

    The founders of Bioware leave the company I wonder if this says something about the current state of the studio.
  2. Mkilbride

    Dick Winters of Easy Company dies. Damn, he was my favorite guy from the mini-series, too. I really liked his story.
  3. M

    Battlefield 1943; Bad Company 2

    Source: Source: Source: Source...
  4. Suh Dude

    Bad Company

    Whose getting it? Looks so freaking awesome. :)
  5. M

    Possible Company of Heroes Sequel/Expansion

    Not much information has been released yet, but there has been evidence of a possible Company of Heroes sequel/expansion: Here's the cover shot (it's tiny): Source:
  6. M

    Battlefield: Bad Company Trailer Released More information on Battlefield: Bad Company -
  7. M

    Company of Heroes

    Has anyone played this game yet? If not then I strongly recommend picking this up. Yes, it's another World War 2 game, but one worth picking up in my opinion. This game is very difficult as you are forced to resort to actual strategies and tactics, rather than rushing.
  8. M

    Company of heroes Screenshot thread

    Now i don't have a screenshot yet as i have yet to see that perfect moment, i did see one but i was so awed by it i didn't hit printscreen, my men were pinned down by a MG42 meanwhile i had another unit flanking the others there were about 9 or 10 total nazi's supporting that mg42, 1 satchel...
  9. M

    Battlefield: Bad Company

    Source: Source: Looks pretty interesting. Discuss!
  10. bapplebo

    Company of Heroes - 14th of September

    I dont know about you people, but I am eargely awaiting the release of this game. It has been a blast so far, and I love the fact that micromanagement isnt as intense as in DoW. The new demo has came out, and now everybody can have play it. The skirmish map is a little weak in my opinion, but...
  11. M

    Battlefield: Bad Company

    Source: Press Release (German): Sounds interesting, though hopefully it doesn't fall short like Battlefield...
  12. M

    Battlefield: Bad Company

    There isn't much information yet on this Battlefield game, though this game was confirmed: Sounds like DICE is ditching the multiplayer in favor for singleplayer.
  13. M

    Company of Heroes

    Recently i got the beta to the COH from fileplanet, i didn't see a NDA so i got some screenies for ya enjoy. This WW2 game is insane, i actually tried it due to accepting beta status and zomg it rules, the tutorial had me in awe, and alot of the things for the game were disabled! I...
  14. SaiyanPrideXIX

    Sierra/Vivendi is the worst game company ever to exist.

    Everyone on this forum is aware of the nightmares I've had with the Source engine games, HL2 and Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines. Now I'm adding a new game to the mix. I was a huge fan of the last SWAT game and when I heard there was a SWAT4 demo out I ran over and grabbed it. I...
  15. Vejimaru

    Company sig

    Okay. I've decided to create a sig that states my position in my group, Popo Productions. Critz plz (PS - Any artists interested in joining of sorts, PM me, and we'll sort thru the details)
  16. tonjohn

    Best Company for Monthly DedServ rental

    I currently run an ESF dedicated server at home but i find myself constantly running into bandwith issues. Since I will most likely never be able to upgrade my internet connection, way too expensive, i thought i would rent a server. I was wondering which company(s) is/are the best and why...
  17. S

    Transformations and Spirit Bomb wont load

    Can anyone help me please? When i am playing ESF, i go to do a transformation or use Goku's Spirit Bomb attack, my computer shuts ESF and Halflife off all together. I want to know how i can fix this porblem. Can anyone help me please???
  18. Naz

    A banner for a company

    so yea, some comments... critics, anything so I can make it better lol :) grtz Naz
  19. D

    What is your favorite weapon company?

    what is your favorite weapon company?
  20. D

    My New Sig

    yo, look at this new sig i made for me in my friends company... BTW: i made the fire myself :p