Possible Company of Heroes Sequel/Expansion


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May 24, 2003
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Not much information has been released yet, but there has been evidence of a possible Company of Heroes sequel/expansion:

Looks like the new Company of Heroes title is "Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts"! Astute reader ThatGuy noticed over at the Games for Windows Magazine site you can see a small preview of the next issue. And featured on the cover is the name "Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts", showing a soldier parachuting down. No further details, but keep your eyes on Planet CoH for more information!
Here's the cover shot (it's tiny):

Over at the Relic News forums, member KamikazeZero has outlined the information found in the Games for Windows article regarding Company of Heroes: Opposing Forces. We'll be seeing British vs German Elite Panzers. He also gave the outline regarding some of the new units and doctrines we'll see:


Royal Canadian Artillery: Heavy Artillery based with the M7 Priest. Different modes, such as Overwatch, creeping barrage, and counter battery fire.

Royal Commandos:

Glider SAS troops + Tetrach I light tanks. Abilities to see through FoW, intercept Axis 'messages', decoys for artillery and glider drops. (Fake colored smoke?)

Royal Engineers:

Churchill tank variants. 290mm mortar, Flamethrower, cover for tanks, trenches, machine gun nests.


Scorched Earth: Ability to make impassable terrain, environment based defenses.


Fallshirmjagers, Flak Cannons, He129 Tank buster.

Tank Hunters:

King Tiger, JagdPanther.

Brits also seem to have an 'ability' where they go into patrol mode in enemy territory, aggressive mode in home territory, having an officer nearby will let them go into aggressive mode in enemy territory as well. They can dig trenches making infantry almost invulnerable to any kind of bombardment, requiring infantry to flush them out.

Screenshots also show PIAT equipped Universal Carriers, Bren Guns, Suart Tanks, Sherman Firefly tanks...

Wooo, Canadians! Looks like this is going to be awesome. Also of interest, KamikazeZero says that the game is standalone, which means you can play it without Company of Heroes. Let's hope this brings more players to the community! KamikazeZero is also continuing to bring more details about the game, so be sure to check out his posts over at RN.
Source: http://planetcoh.gamespy.com/

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