1. Growler

    Proud to Announce: Hitting Trees with comics website is LIVE!

    Hello everyone, I am proud to announce that I've just launched my comics website- Hitting Trees with Comedy and art have a always been a part of my life, but I've never had a cool, unique place to share these interests. About a year ago, I was looking to do a project that...
  2. Growler

    Growler Comics - Hitting Trees with

    Hello all, I've decided to start writing/drawing comics. All comics will eventually be posted on my website once I finish it, so I'm putting them on Facebook for now: If you like them, be sure to hit "like" :) "Awkwardness-Time Relationship"...
  3. Deathshot

    Web Comics are great.

    Read the rest of the comics at Snafu-Comics I love Web Comics. They remind me of why Im still sane.
  4. vahn9

    mortal kombat vs dc comics

    this might be what mortal kombat needs to breath some life into it comming out this fall <object width="425" height="350"> <param name="movie" value=""> </param> <embed src=""...
  5. Growler

    The most funny comics
  6. Y


    TOOK ME ABOUT 3 WEEKS, LONG HOURS, 3 TRIES, AND ALOT OF RADIATION...BUT I FINISHED IT AND I LOVE IT! LOL wat you guys think...I made him specifically for a mod I'm about to start.
  7. ZeroNightmare

    Marvel Comics: Ghost Rider Movie?

    sorry i dont have a link to a trailer but I'm sure some1 can find it... I believe i watched silent hill at my friends house or something, and then we saw a trailer for ghost rider.... with Nicolas Cage..... yeah wierd.... but the special effects looked cool as hell. thoughts :O
  8. Hsu

    Wow Comics

    Here is some coimcs I have made during some of my spare time. These are not just screenshots with text on them, they took a lot of work with timing and positioning to make everything look right. Then there is the time it took to cut everything out. :warning: WARNING some of these comics...
  9. Phobius

    What are you're favourite web comics?

    I have 2 web comics I've been reading since 2001. They are Bob and George and Mega Tokyo. I always make sure too catch the new strips everyday. Out of the 2 I like Mega Tokyo a bit more because its all hand drawn and not just game sprites but their still awesome. Links...
  10. S

    Cartoons or Comics? Anime or Manga?

    well imo, i prefer comics\manga but which do you prefer?
  11. Denz


    And tell me what u think?
  12. M

    any1 knowbs what is going on with the DBNG comics?

    any1 knowbs what is going on with the DBNG comics? are there going to be published any new Valiumes any time now?...
  13. D

    Animaded GIF: Action Comics

    hehe, an animated .gif that I made based off some doodles I did at school.
  14. Wangster

    2 colord pics, 1 mine.

    well, the pic wich says whats happening, a friend made that one, the pic is made up and freehand. check it out: and this one, i made, i did a free hand donald duck :fight: and colord it in photoshop, without shading, cuz in the comics, he has no shading either. what ya'll think...
  15. X

    My various 2D Art

    Heres a whole bunch of DBZ/Original Art i've done over the past month. Most of it is being used for my MMORPG DBZ based game. Have a look... Now, here's just a fun comic I was doing in MS Paint--> Go to my website--> Also my...
  16. DBZFever

    Someone help me wit this drawing

    can someone help me finish this guys legs and hands. If youre going to use him somewhere ask me first, and if its a hentai site your answer is no right now.
  17. D

    esf comics?

    Im trying to get a bunch of people from different mods to submit comic strips to my website. So far I got a few d00ds from SI to help out the media guys! comics i'll be more than willing to host the images if you guys are willing to help out.
  18. D

    esf comics?

    anyone interested in making esf comic strips, pm me
  19. M

    DBZ Comics!

    Tales Tales: hmm, a planet full of life. this will be a good place for the tree of might. after landing on planet earth Tales' companions: We dont see any serious enemies. *scouterbeep* wait... there are several powerlevels... Goku: Who are you? What are u doing here...
  20. GLOsticks R Us

    GLO is back with some new Comics!

    Hey peeps, I just got done doing some new comics on some events that happened at my school unch with me and my friends, hope ya get a crack out of it!:talk: ps. Gateway in the comic is refering to Gateway comps., and btw Exams suck!:tired: