1. Delusional

    Combined Beams

    I'd love to see 2 beams, combine into 1, when on a team... I know it's been suggested before, but i always want to do it when me and one of my teammates both charge a beam, and shoot at an enemy, but then our beams go into a power struggle...> I think if 2 friendly beams collide, then they...
  2. KilledWithStyle

    Combined aura *possible answer*

    You know how everyone basically begs for combined auras, well while messing with a "glow" plugin I figured it out. When both players have glowed (and gone turbo once) then swoop at each other (for advanced melee) thier glow auras almost seems to combine with each other. Basically all the...
  3. CS-LAND

    New Map lighting combined with DetailTextures

    Well I got a nice effect with the new blur effecat (found on verc site) and detailtextures combined. It looks too good for the 7 year old half-life engine. Pic: :tired:
  4. E


    yeah hi i was playing along on a LAN server i created with i am as goku right ... i used the dragon balls a few times and so on..... ok i kinda went wierd then... i will describe as best i can.. i transformed into a ssj then i went ssj 2 about 70000000 then when i got to about...
  5. Zephon

    Combined attacks

    I was thinking how cool it would be to cobine attacks (like goku and vegeta did when they were fighting buu in buu.)I think that could be great in team battles when combating a stronger opponent.And at least its doable unlike fusion which is practically impossible.
  6. S

    Bad guy from NG - CG

    here you go, its a lil more than just a bunch o villians in 1 :D The aura i did a lil quickly cuz i cant be arsed to do ne more....
  7. H

    n00b question, please help

    How do you install skins? I know how to install models, but there isn't a skin folder. Please help!
  8. S

    Powerstruggle combined

    You should be able to combine attack with people on your team to help the if they are in a power struggle like at the cell saga when gohan was firing the kamehameha at cell and the other guys were helping but instead of shoot the person you beside who ever is firing shoot where the beam is going...
  9. Ryoko

    W00t new style wallpaper

    Well here it is. The first wallpaper in my new style. Hope you like it as I really enjoyed making this one. it sits on my deskop looking pretty right now :p
  10. H

    2sigs combined!

    because im just that spiffy... O_O
  11. fatmanterror

    USSJ Trunks ready for ESF

    hey everybody, i have a USSJ Trunks that i finished for anybody who likes him, it kinds sucks but hey, its free and if u dont like it, dont ask for it. P.S. thats an older pic now its alot bigger and buffer USSJ Trunks if u like it, my email is [email protected] but otherwise tell...