1. R

    combine beams, different to the other

    how about when 2 people of the same team both shoot a beam at a player on the other team they would fuse and cause a super huge beam?
  2. D

    combine beams

    this is a good idea so it might have been suggested before...but i used the search tool and i couldn't find here it goes... i think that people should be allowed to add beams.....if 2 people are in a ps and a 3rd person wants to help 1 of them....they could shoot the persons...
  3. J

    Is there anyway to combine original HL with ESF?

    Just curious, but it doesn't seem like you can since they seem almost entirely different. I just think it would be neat to use one of the Z Fighters in the original HL maps against Freeman and all the other original characters. Of course whoever's using the DB characters wouldn't be able to...
  4. V

    How To Combine Models ?

    Can some1 plz tell me how to combine models ? Like i want the head of goku and the torso of trunks and the legs from vegeta ... ? How do i paste them in milkshape ? CTRL+C didnt worked:(
  5. V

    How Do I Combine models

    Hi i was wondering how i can combine models ? Like I wanna have the Suit of Mystic Gohan and The Arms from Piccolo and the head from Vegeta how can i copy and paste them in Milksheep
  6. M

    Combine 2 beams to 1

    Well.. again a gread idea of me :p ... Here it is... ok one person fires a beam an one bad person also... blablabla ok power strugle is there.. but jou are losing and the beam is getting closer and closer now my idea is to say that someone near by can fire a beam into the one so that u...
  7. Mewtwo

    My new sigs

    I downloaded photoshop demo today and looked at a few tutorials and went kinda nuts. Well this is what I came up with which do you think is the best? Personally I think I over done them all. Please keep in mind I have only been using Photoshop a short while (2 hours about ;))...
  8. Majin Sephiroth

    look at my sweet avatar :)

    i gots a dude to combine two gif files together :) it looks sweet aye........steal it and I KILL YOU :)
  9. Slash

    esf and dragonmodz combine?

    does anyone think that would be a good idea? it would have ups and downs...i think dragonmodz's gameplay is a bit better than esf but esf's maps, models, coding, and basically everything else is alot esf never freaking crashes.... anyone else think it would be cool if they...
  10. F

    Combine our powers

    How many dbz mods are there? I think there are about 3 or4. 3 or 4!!!! I dont' know what you guys are thinking. Do you know what kind of mod you can create with 4 teams put together. All the great ideas put into one. How come you guys aren't fusing:) with the other teams? Faster, new and maybe...