1. O

    Player colours on scouter

    It's a really simple idea for free fighting mode, but it might be useful. On the player list (TAB), each player's stats will be written in their own colour - just like Ricochet. Then, instead of seeing red dots appearing on your scouter, each dot will have the colour if the player it...
  2. Skyrider

    ESF Should allow Menu colours

    I've been thinking, perhaps this mod should support Menu Colours, what do you think? For those who don't understand, let me show you a quote:
  3. Cold Steel

    Need help with forums colours.

    I'd like to know the exact numbers of the blue colour in a post, for a signature of mine, does anyone know ?
  4. Ravendust

    Blood Colours

    This is a really simple suggestion but how about changing the blood colours so they match the characters? Goku, Gohan, Vegeta, Trunks and Frieza's are all fine Piccolo's is purple Cell's is the same colour as headcrab blood (so you can just use that) Buu didn't bleed so his should be...
  5. D

    Help with aura colours

    Hey I didn't know where to post this so I posted here, I was wondering how to change the aura colours, like Buu and Frieza are pinky purple and cell is green, I figured it is in a command line somewhere. I was hoping to make normal Goku's aura red and Vegeta's blue if anyone knows how to...
  6. DaKD

    Hiei BG

    Im pretty new to making BG's so heres a Hiei BG I made. Critz plz
  7. S

    Here an idea

    Should I make a REVERSE skin for Goku or Vegeta? ill post the model here once i get idea
  8. -{VC}- sWiTcH

    sWiTcH's Spray Service

    So you've found out the command to spray a logo ("impulse 201"), but now what? Well I've started a service for the lazy. Ill turn any picture into a color decal, or ill make one personally. Or, if you want some standard decals (the ones that are only one color) ill turn any set of pictures...
  9. I

    bd cell saga gohan

    here's a choppy bd gohan model i made a while back... not really good because its one of my beginning edits... heh check it out stupid isnt it :D
  10. DaMan

    n00b at work

    this is my second work in photoshop comments and critz are welcome
  11. JDeezNutz

    ESF New background colours

    personally i dont like the new forum colour, who agrees?
  12. I

    I got a texture problem

    Guys i wanted to remake the ESF vegeta skin cuz like i want green colours to suit my name and stuff... but i opened the texture using modelviewer, i then exported the texture into adobe photoshop and attempted to alter the texture, i changed the colour settings to RGB instead of indexed and...
  13. Lethal_Vegetto

    About the Glowing Letters Trick

    What colors are there. I dont know the colors that can be used with it, and i would really like to know the sollection of colors there are for the glow text. Thx:]
  14. shadow16

    Trunks's Weapons

    *Credits* go to the original modeller of ssjTrunks Please do not complain about how crappy the models/skins are...because I know I ain't as good as many of you....because many of you could have done this in minutes...and some are very chessy like stretching the sword...blah blah blah...but...
  15. Black Raven

    reskin and Sound for AscensionX´s SSJ2Aura

    I was bored from this "one color" skins of AscensionX´s Aura(no offense,the model kicks ass :)),so i make some more "detailed" skins for it Here a picture: SSJ Aura is now more "golden" Normal aura now in chrome style Frieza/Buu aura now with more detailed Skin and red bolts(as to...
  16. sexyasian86

    Piccolo Buu!!! ^________^

    here is something for you people that wanted another buu got bored so i decided to make this. here is the buu. :laff: will also be with the site. Credits: Logan [for buu model] ESF fatbuu [for the cape, long white long thing on back] S-Bolt [for the chest armament, white thing around...
  17. TimTheEnchantor

    Exploding Aura V2.

    This is Version 2 of Exploding Aura. This is a MAJOR upgrade so its basically a new image, hence a new thread. It has the same color burst in the beginning, but a bit more color-toned to blue at the end of it. Hopefully you like..
  18. B0Bmaster40000

    ESF Storm

    esf_storm is in production. im putting a lot more time and effort into this one than i did with esf_falls. This map will be a lot bigger than my last (about 4 times the size), im putting more effort into the terrain, and im gonna try make an electrical storm:laff: , just hope it doesnt krudd up...
  19. AscensionX

    How do you get the game to recognise aura colours??

    <TABLE style=filter:glow(color=royalblue, strength=#+9)>Hi everyone, well i am just posting to see if anybody has the know-how about the game to understand how the mod recognises which auras to use for each character? if i could figure this out then i could make a proper version of a ssj2 aura...
  20. B

    Brolly model

    This is a model form dmz that i converted to work with esf... this isnt my model or skin.. I just converted it... Model: Evil Chimp Skin: Metro-tek :( *The infamous Metro-tek edited this post to stop the spaming... [email protected] :)