1. GokuSS

    GokuSS' illustrious collection of fascinating questions

    Hi - I'd like to know if anyone knows which characters will there be. Any fusions like gogeta or vegito? Gogeta SS4?
  2. Mkilbride

    Penumbra collection 5.99$(Gamers Gate) Pretty good deal. This game is one of the few true horror games out there. It's not like F.E.A.R which uses shock value or just insane amounts of gore, it crawls into your mind, puts you in the atmosphere, and what the **** are these...
  3. phrack50

    My ultimate collection

    I've spent the past 2 years collecting these treasures.... behold! The Console Collection! and what would any console collection be without..... The GAMES! For extra credit, see if you can spot the DR Pepper can!
  4. Deathshot

    Settei Collection

    So I decided to share the collection of Settei I have. Here you go: Big Thanks to Enix for the help.
  5. Tsunami


    Saw this on the DBZonPS2 god its maddness. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Here's my 80% of my collection: "Be afraid, be very afraid" My personal collection of DB/DBZ/DBGT ...
  6. X

    Street Fighter: Anniversary Collection

    I just wanted to know, has anyone picked this up? Its only $30 bucks and I have been playing it non-stop since its release. The game is brilliant, and who would've thought that combining all of the Street Fighter II games ever made, and putting them into one category named: Hyper Street...
  7. D

    where can i download models

    help where can i download models???
  8. S

    The Dan Die Collection

    the dan die collection..............#4 & #5 follows more comming soon Links removed due to obscene language.
  9. GMan

    DBZ Gifs

    I've made a collection for myself because I was very bored. "Original" are GIFs that I've created from episodes, and "Edited" are GIFs I've found somewhere on the internet and have tried to improve a bit. I only posted my favorite GIFs that looked good...
  10. Eider

    Picceta request

    Hello, smee again, i wanna know if sbd could make this / is busy making this model
  11. Z

    big favour

    can someone make me a cool trunks model or give me the link to one
  12. Twilight

    My Sig Collection

    Oooooooo........ Look at em all!
  13. G


  14. K

    wu_bigarena debut

    Well, I've been finished with this map for ages, and I just decided to let you guys have it. Be warned that it's very high polys, and could even fry your video card ;) There are 4 hidden senzu bean places. I also used my modified version of the hull file so the senzu beans aren't underground...
  15. T

    Help with my maps.

    Well i got a problem. I can see the walls of the maps. And sometimes it won't show up the skyboxes. Anybody help please......
  16. DragonDude

    Need links to required files!

    This might have been asked before but I can't find these files anywhere.....I have hammer editor and a compiler, but need the fgd. I found the fgd collection on, but couldn't find the ESF fgd on it. :cry:
  17. X

    Laugh if you must, ^_^

    Here's my beautiful collection of The Sims skins. I didnt tamper with all the model's legs cause of animations. tell me what ya think. They are all done in MS Paint, I will be getting Adobe soon :)
  18. G

    i need

    I need some nice models for ESF please give me a mirror(My english isn't so good because i'm from germany)
  19. VivaLaPineapple

    another wp yeah u know u love it....and if u ont oh well
  20. O

    any custom wads?

    or just any texture, the wads in the folder are not much, so i was wondering if someone has any ..... thx anyway
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