1. P

    Damaged clothing and bruses.

    Well i was watching dbz the other day and i saw that the more hurt the characters were the more bruses appeared and their clothe started to get damaged.So im sugesting that the lower the players health the more bruses appear on his body and his clothe start getting ripped. PS:When the player...
  2. K

    In search of clothing.

    I am in search of traditional samurai garments for cosplay and the like. I don't speak or read japanese fluently as of yet but am trying desperately to find somewhere to buy them on the web. As well as a Sakkat (kinda hat Raiden wore) Anyways if anyone has a clue as far as where I could find...
  3. E

    PLUGIN: Clothing damaged by health

    I'm making a plugin which while you are getting your hp lower and lower, it will rip your clothes piece by piece, rip by rip. So I was asking could anyone do the skin alterations of DEFAULT esf models? I would need this ones for each charachters: Full HP - None, already have 85 % HP - a bit...
  4. S

    Weighted clothing

    there should be weighted clothing in 1.2 or 1.3 when you wear your weighted clothing you wil be slower and weaker when you have weighted clothing on but when you have weighted clothing on you will increase your power and speed faster and have some animation to take of the clothing
  5. Suh Dude

    New skin edit

    please if u don't like then don't post and if u like it then post and should i release it?
  6. M

    I is bakz

    puter went boom... smo went cry.. then i went sslap
  7. DiebytheSword

    More Atomic Productivity Do not use without permission. Crits, comments?
  8. T

    DakD about your ssj3 goku model..

    can you fix up the clothing on your latest version? it looks wired how theres all torn up he looks like a ganster lol can u just make his normal clothing?
  9. Raven Blade

    Battle Damaged Vegeta

    Sorry I couldnt help myself....There is always 1 :D
  10. T

    Another Skin Request

    Was wondering if someone could make some skins for Gohan, these are the requests 1. Gohan in gokus clothing, like in the movies, forget which one :rolleyes: 2. Gohan in ROSAT training suit, like vegetas Thanks in advance ;D
  11. B

    Goku drawing

    I was kinda bored this weekend so i drew a pretty cool pic of goku in Photoshop, i made it big enough for a wallpaper if u want to use it as one Comments Welcome, Enjoy
  12. Cold Steel

    Different clothing

    Everery char. should have different clothing like: goku 1The usual orange overall. 2The saiyin outfit. 3And the thing he wared in the trunks saga. 4The clothes he wares while he's relaxing in the cell saga. vegeta 1The sayjin outfit. 2The blue overall from the buu saga. 3The clothes...
  13. R

    Training Clothing

    not sure if this was suggested, but maybe u could have the characters wear weighted clothing as an option so ur pl would rise faster but in the meantime u will be slower and weaker
  14. M

    Clothing Realism

    To be more realistic, when the character shoots a beam or ball at the other character, the clothes should rip or scratch it to make it look cool not nice and clean. Like in the Frizza Saga where Goku clothes r all ripped up and beaten up. Can that be possible? or not?
  15. imkongkong


    what i noticed.. when they turn ssj they're clothing looks brighter.. maybe the models can also have brighter colored clothing.. more toward a golden orange look
  16. imkongkong

    battle-torn clothing!

    im not sure.. if its possible.. maybe if you get hit in a blast, and survive, your clothes should be torn! in some maps u can destroy stuff, maybe the same concept. in that one map DBZcellgames u can destroy the ring.. maybe for the models.. they make it battle torn, then ADD the full...
  17. I

    whatever happened to weighed clothing

    ya know it should be like if you have it on u get power faster after u train and kill or whatnot but without it ur better fighter but dont get the pl as fast... just an idea
  18. I

    all thse models.. and new stuff on site..but..

    but.. how come yall cant put it in the game eh? and on the site you got this extra bar.. or is that just the beta 1
  19. xstortionist

    Brolli beta 2.0

    Here is the brolli model i have been working on. I haven't been able to work on it much since i have baseball everyday from 2-8 so this is what I have done so far in about 2 hours combined.
  20. R

    Brolly model

    gimme some feedback...bad render tho:\