1. M

    Chou Dragonball!

    New Vids! I have to say, this game looks realy good. What are your toughts?
  2. S

    Chou- Kamehameha

    I think there should be an extra kamehamehas. There should be a Chou- Kamehameha. It is a bigger kamehameha which does more damage, but I think it should be slower than the normal kamehameha, and not do as much damage as the final flash. All characters able to do kamehameha should be able to use...
  3. SS4 Gogeta

    Chou Kamehameha

    I was thinking of maybe using a different animation after certain amout of charge up time, making it look more devastating.Showing when the chou version kicks-in indicated on the charge up bar. ex. ===================== -----|---------------|----- ===================== minimum...