1. Mkilbride

    China building structures that look eerily like 1600 Penn. Avenue in Desert
  2. Mkilbride

    10 Amazing things you most likely didn't know about China
  3. The Deco

    If China would have sent the Shaolin monks to the Olympics...

    How much gold medals do you think China would win if they signed up there Shaolin monks from the Shaolin temple to the Olympics? Of course you can express your opinion! Sorry about the delay, something happened in my internet(or forums) The medals refer to gold, not silver and not bronze...
  4. M

    US-Tibet Resolution Passed - China's Reactions

  5. M

    China Tries Saving Face in Midst of Olympics

  6. H

    should we go to the war with russia, china and enitre middle east? i am so fury about this. they went too far!!! i guess it's time to let out all we got to punish those evil axis nation. they gone too far this time. if we go for war most of muslim state will supporting iran and china...
  7. M

    New console from China!, The Vii!!!.... wtf?..

    Yeah, it's true, China is making a new console called Vii (Wii anyone?..) which looks exactly like Nintendo's Wii (the same console and controller look, but what about the games?..) Anyways, I think we're back to the days when there used to be fake copies of Nintendo's old console the NES (here...
  8. elNarr

    China, a hard bite for Microsoft ?

    source: This is where i started smiling, but this is where i laughed: Only 244 copies sold of Genuine Vista, while in...
  9. U

    Russia + China vs US

    for our tenology we can blow their ass in 3 hours.....
  10. A

    Horrifying videos of the the cruel slaughter of dogs and cats in China

    Link removed International Organization for the Animal Protection (OIPA) and our site URL removed What can we do for them? Domestic animals are in big trouble in China When you visit our petition-page you will find a link to the video files of this cruelty. link removed VERY IMPORTANT: We ask...
  11. Suh Dude

    Bewbs bring peace between China and Japan!

    "The wave of anti-Japanese sentiment in China continues, more than a month since the first round of demonstrations against the Japanese government's approval of a controversial school textbook flared throughout the country. Diplomats and politicians on both sides have been trying to diffuse...
  12. G


    can some one give me times in art making?
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