1. FalconFury

    My brother's child has been borned

    4 days ago my brother and his girlfriend (as wife) has rushed to the hospital. Then they called my parents immediately for the help. But the baby is still inside, so my parents arrives to the hospital and finally got the baby out and I was glad. So guys if you read this PLEASE DO NOT call me...
  2. sub

    Thought provoking Photographs of Child Labor in Bangladesh
  3. Dzamija

    14 year-old girl drowns her child in toilet.

  4. F

    Child models

    i was wanting some child models and in the nude for my mod im doing being im an L337 coder i can do the rest from there thanks a bunch morons:yes:
  5. S


    ok some of u may remember i started a sephiroth edit a long time ago when beta 1.1 was first released well (i was tthe first to start a sephy model edit :p) but it suxed lol but with the help of alot of people it is now better then ever! but its still a WIP this pak is going yo...
  6. SpriGGan

    Esf Modelers

    i have only recently signed up on this forum as you can tell by the psot count lol but i have been reading and following certain threads for a lnog time now but never botherd posting. Mostly i have been interested in downloading models for esf and the one thing that i realy annoys me is when...
  7. Skinnerfool

    Looki My Skin

    Go download my skin CLICK HERE! ITS A BETTER BEBI VEGETA SKIN CREDITS ------------- ESF TEAM AZN ERSEN tell me i f im missing sumthing ok
  8. Morrone

    Trans Sound Pack Coming Soon

    Ok thanks to a lil help from VenGaurd I've been getting started with making some new trans sounds for ESF. I warn you this is specifically my style that is being instrumented into this pack, so the critism I would like to recieve should not be about whether you like the sounds I've chosen but if...
  9. Macro-Gamer

    NEW SIG, for a friend- KEEP TO TOPIC!

    DO NOT GO OFF TOPIC! THIS ONLY ABOUT MY SIG! THIS THREAD WAS CLOSED ONCE BEFORE, SO KEEP ON TOPIC! I made this sig for me friend dakilla. Copy and paste link otherwise it wont work: Tell me wat you think.
  10. L

    Which child of satan gave me a post count?

    I am going to find you! *goes into Evil Ice Cream Commando mode* now which one of you did it
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