1. The Deco

    Gorilla vs Chicken (MY FIRST EVER VID!)

    Yes, I, spontaneously did it, I created a movie. Just played the video game "The Movies" which I didn't played for a while and decided to something (at least for me) original with it. I just uploaded it, I wonder what commends the youtube peeps will give it. Anywho: <object width="560"...
  2. LionHeart

    Chicken pox

    I ****ING HATE IT There's supposed to be a cream that doesn't make it itch but it does, tryed tooth paste ( some people told me it'd work) but nothing. I can't even freakin go to bed cuz of this itch! And I know I can't scratch so what am I supposed to do to get rid of it? PS: acording to...
  3. M

    Mcdonalds Chicken Nuggets = Best, Or Not?

  4. KidMan

    Mmmm... chicken Well it's not really a chicken. I think I would **** myself if I was to ever encounter one of these.
  5. Keiha

    Funny clip from Robot Chicken

    I know a lot of you have probably seen it, but just re-posting for fun sake :P :warning: Warning censored swearing :warning: Favourite quote - "What are composite santa's powers...."
  6. J

    Did Freddy Mercury have a craving for Chicken?

    ok, seeing as though Queen are one of the worlds best bands, EVER. any fan of queen (namely all of you), should have heard the track "One Vision". now what i want to know, is right at the end of the track, does Mr.Mercury shout out for some fried chicken?
  7. frsrblch

    Robot Chicken - Cuddles Fabric Softener Share and enjoy!
  8. M

    Chuck a chicken!

    Chuck it! Personal best. The 5000 not the 1600 =D.
  9. J

    hay dude, didnt you order chicken wings with that? hehehe
  10. H

    chicken pot chicken pot

    chicken pot piiiiie .. yeah i never know what to title these things apparently :P this is one where i actually put work into it, the others were just stocks that i added grunge to lol and uh ima own jo ass.. i see this char is in your sig, who is it :]
  11. MaX

    My 1st COMPLETED Model. dl that it got the 2 pics in it..its a half human chicken dont plan i skining it or animating it...just felt like making somthing...itf somone wants to finish it they can..and if they use it for a mod..gime credits..hope ya like...
  12. S

    I need your opinionon this..

    Which is better... or