1. Optimus Prime

    Flight Simulators Caused 9/11... Wait what? Talk about one sided... :rolleyes:
  2. .Guzzie.

    How is bad FPS caused??

    Heya guys!! Im thinking of making maps :) :) Yesh im so excited but I must ask this question. What are the factors to bad FPS??? Just tell me so I dont finish of a map with the worst FPS around :) :) -GuZzie
  3. M

    What Caused WCW To Fail?

    I think that it was them choosing to end goldbergs winning streak at 180 wins. What do you think caused it?
  4. J

    HL has caused an error in (Unknown)

    It now happens whenever I start ESF up through STEAM, I now never even see the ESF screen.
  5. J

    HL has caused an error in Unknown

    Okay Problem 1) I go to 'Games', click on a game, say..ESF, Natural Selection, whatever.. 'HL HAS CAUSED AN ERROR IN UNKNOWN' *Crash* Problem 2) I enter the game, go to 'Create Game'/'Join Game', whatever Starting..Validating Resources.. *Stops Responding* *Crash* Fun, no...
  6. J

    Steam has caused an error in STEAM.DLL

    Been playing ESF through Steam over a week now, and have suddenly gotten this message, which stops me from playing anything (It happens as soon as I try to load Steam, period). Worst case scenerio, I'll uninstall, redownload, and install again, yet I'd prefer a more convieniant way around it if...
  7. HitmanXtreme

    compiling prob

    I've got a prob compiling my map. 0 brushes (totalling 0 sides) discarded from clipping hulls CreateBrush: 10..20..30..40..50..60..70..80..90..Error: Entity 0, Brush 198, Side 6: has a coplanar plane at (-1519, -1391, -80), texture C1A4_C1C Error: brush with coplanar faces Description: The...
  8. <DeurWaardeR>

    stupid actions caused by open GL

    nowdays i use open GL. it's smoother and the music play's better and stuff like that. but.... when i shoose a weapon and start charging, lots of times, the charcter turns to the left and changes wapon automaticly. and that pisses me of. i also have the same problem with CS. what can i do to...
  9. S

    model help

    when i try to compile my .qc file it starts to then it says ms3d has caused an error and needs to close. can somebody help or if you can i can send my model to you (its a ssj 3 vegeta) and you can compile it for me. heres an image.
  10. X

    I Found a glitch on s2k_SnakeWay_v2 | READ |

    To who ever Made this map. Its great. But please see if you can fix this problem. I am putting this up before its too late and some lame ass decides to "Cheat". But if you play as Krillin (I haven't tried it with Freiza...) And you see enemies through the window in King Kai's House. And...
  11. R

    How many polies...

    How many polies can an ESF character have? Suppose it were for Counter-Strike as well... how many polies? PeAcE:idea: