1. -Dark Shadow-

    where do you all get your backgrounds and pictures from?

    Ok do you get like your backgrounds from YOUR program you make sigs with or from other things? and how to you get them? that sort? And where do you get your pics what you put on your sig? and even do you cut your pics out? and how?
  2. P

    Piccolo is a jiggalo....

    ....and that's because he dresses like one j/k. Speaking of which, who said that they had a model&skin of him wearing his cape and turbin. I remember someone said that they had it. I might be willing to do IM. It depends. If you do have it could you provide pics of it?
  3. Lil Gohan

    New Sig

    i made a new sig, tell me what you think
  4. U

    Somebody knows when....

    Somebody knows when the new beta is going to be released? this is probably not a good place to ask but i only go to Models/Skins forum so Sorry if this bothers you guys just want to know if somebody knows:p
  5. S

    Cartoonish Krillin Skin

    Well I made a Cartoonish skin of krillin, cause i thought that it could be cool... you know the look from the color to shadow etc... not the high GFX as the normal skin is, but i think its funny, lol tell me what you think ^_^ Be soft, its my first skin....... tell me...
  6. V

    Dynamic Forces Scorpion Skin

    Saiyanwigga asked me to get him some crit on his Scorpion skin so far(95%?) so go wild people just don't be ignorant ^_^ modeled by UltimateSS and tweaked by NeD
  7. M

    I Need Help

    Can someone plz tell me how to put new models in the game so i can use them...........??????? plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  8. MONXver2.0

    ESF lava pit

    I'm no mapper , but I think this souldn't be here. o_o Just in case you missed it. :)
  9. R


    I don't think it's that great, but it's good practice since I'm not exactly that experienced, I don't know who it is, but I just used a friends symbol and slapped it on here, still got some stuff left to do to it <img src=""> just incase that didn't work...
  10. Yui Sakura

    In case your wondering

    i'm going to be away for a while because i got exams coming up ( -_-'') and i need to study.:cry: So incase anyone is thinking that i abandoned u all, i haven't, and i'm just reaaaally busy studying atm. in 2 weeks i'll b back baibai :tired: edit* i can use icq and msn, so if u are...
  11. Emeka650


    I need help making a hair model of goku can someone help me or give me a tutorial.
  12. DarktoothDKD

    Howz this?

    well Ive had some free time from animating a few days ago and Ive wanted to model again for quite some time. Im workin on 2 models at the same time.. kinda hard but hey.. at leastI dont get tired of doing only one model right? I hope you guys can watch this video. its a rollover video of a...
  13. S

    Free Tutorial Written By Moi

    Hey guys, Me and my friend just finished writing a tutorial. I made it up he just wrote it for me. Here it is, Enjoy! Oh and before I forget, Thanks to Ryoko and [SAS]Orion for hosting this for me :) <-- This is the tut...
  14. OneWingedAngel

    Weapon Models

    Hey I'm new to modeling ^_^ and i want some help from you guys. How do you go about making weapon models? like do you need to make skeletons,Joints or anything like that? or do you just model it and Animate it and ****. Anyways i'm useing the new version of Milkshape 3D just incase you need that...
  15. D

    What do you do in case of trouble

    i was wondering what people do if they have trouble (i eat a banana)
  16. V3g3t@

    ssj 3 goku skin

    is anybody making a ssj3 Goku skin?
  17. J

    Shogo Mod: Shinobi Model

    The new shinobi model, Model by our new modeler, SA_Gohan: if that does'nt work, copy and paste this:
  18. T

    hey esf look at this (this is not a leak)

    i wont say how i did this but all i can say it was very easy.... no im not giving it out either because i like the esf team to much. there is no point in this im just saying to the esf team you should change that gohan model alot more then you did...
  19. B

    How to install???

    Well, I dowloaded some Skins from the side of sig master or something I can't remember the name exactly! So i downladed it but how can I install it? I created a new file but i doesen't work than I but it in the file of an old Skin but now there's only a Model like these from Gohan an Krilin...
  20. Akhkaru

    My (Computer Drawn) SSJ3 Gohan

    Well, I was playing around and I felt like I wanted to do something lke this so I did it! Here is is: