1. Barney

    So I was watching the old X-Men cartoon...

    And realized something. Gambit's got a pentagram on his outfit. How badass.
  2. Deathshot

    FusionFall Online ( Cartoon Network MMO )

    I have tried it out and its pretty damn fun. I mean the characters are Cel Shaded and anime style. The Gameplay is ok. Its pretty fun.
  3. Kaination

    The infamous cartoon network rick roll God. ****ing. Dammit.
  4. H

    denish muhammad cartoon

    the muhammad cartoon had engage the war between western neo nazi and osama's muslim extremism. go denish! national socialism is the only way we can save our civilization from middle eastern. we will kill every last one of muslim boy once they lay their finger on danmark and great...
  5. M

    Cartoon Network Goes... MMO?

    Source: Discuss!
  6. Chakra-X

    Dragonball GT on Cartoon Network?

    Now I don't know if I am late or not, but did anyone else know Dragonball GT is being shown on Cartoon Network again? I assume it's Friday (Well, Saturday) at 12:30 am est. I was really hopping they would show Dragonball Z episodes since I never saw the Android Saga =/.
  7. J-Dude

    How to do a cartoon limb-stretching effect (3DS Max)

    I've been doing cartoon characters in Max for some time now, and now that I can get to the point of animating them, I've had problems with certai animation attributes. Basically, I mean the ability of a cartoon character to stretch its normally inadequately lengthed arms or legs to kick, grab or...
  8. C

    Cartoon Form of Me

    hey, i got i made me ;D take a look Poly count = 4346
  9. M

    ESF To be more like the cartoon

    Ok i have some suggestions, for the 1.3 beta IT should be more destructive like in the cartoon when you mean the cliff it leaves a hole and smashes and when you do spirit bomb make the world blow up and make it more fun and everyone die or something It will make the game way better
  10. Phobius

    All your classic cartoon from 80-90s intro's. I've been looking at this site with pred for almost a good 40 minutes now and man theres shows there I don't even remember but theres a lot I do. But I got just one show that kurt might like though...
  11. D

    Its legal to download Cartoon episodes right?

    My friend and I have a dissagreement.Is it legal or not to download cartoon episodes.Such as Dragonball z.Anyone who knows for sure please let me know so we may end this dispute.
  12. B

    Super Saiyan 4 Goku [Realism Version > not for cartoon lovers]

    well here goes hope u like it.... very very wip ;) Please go with C&C's and also don't be harsh :) In case it dont work link:
  13. CM

    Naruto Cartoon Network Preview Trailer You need to be registered at and then just put in your user name and pass when prompted. :laff: It's funny watching the Narutards' suffering.
  14. Suh Dude

    The best old cartoon, still pwns.

    Will probbly refresh your memory.. O_O Annoying sound thing edited out ~Magus
  15. Silent_Bob

    Favourite cartoon from the 80's

    Title says it all really, what's everyones favourite cartoon from the 80's? Mine is either Samurai Pizza Cats or Ninja Turtles.
  16. Vejimaru

    Dragonball Z Cartoon

    Well, I've seen several ppl make them, and finally decided to have a go Part 2 coming soon
  17. The_Forgotten

    Worst Shows on Cartoon Network

    Whats your opinion on the worst shows on CN?They should be from worst to best.LoL, heres mine- 1)Kids Next Door 2)Rescue Rangers 3)Code Whatever(some anime) 4)Totally Spies 5)YuGiOh 6)Pokemon I would of put more but I cant remember them right now XP
  18. Lethal_Vegetto

    Funny CS Flash cartoon.

    Hope u think its funny:laff: Just to let u know, i didnt make this.
  19. T

    Kid Buu Cartoon Form

  20. E

    quick dbz stick figure flash cartoon

    i havnt made one in a while so i decided to make a quicky what yous think ;/