1. Deathshot

    Call of Duty/Activision does care

    So.... Being the Call of Duty player I am.... I have subscribed to many people who are big names in the CoD community. One of the members named Whiteboy7thst was away on a trip. His house was broken into and they stole his system, his TV, trashed his house, wrecked the memorial for his Mom and...
  2. Damaera

    Health care bill passes.. and people are not happy. Yiiiiiikessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
  3. Deathshot

    The YouTube interview with President Obama Interesting... Just thought I would show you guys. Though I know a lot of you could care less, I would just like to let you guys see it.
  4. ~*Logan*~

    I'm ranting here because Adult Swim doesn't care

    Adult Swim has gone too far. Pee Wee's Playhouse? COME ON! There's NO excuse for this rubbish. Why are they showing a kids show on "Adult Swim?" I mean...Saved by the Bell was bad enough...but Pee-Wee?! I could run Adult Swim better than they could >.< Who's with me?! Logan for Adult Swim...
  5. Mr. Satans

    Old? New? I don't care, it's funny as hell. This will be extremely hilarious to anyone who has played any of the Final Fantasy series (mainly FF7/FF8) You can get it faster from My FTP <-- Direct Link (RAR)
  6. F


    wow guys look at this... Kanye West's view on George Bush, the Government, and their response to hurricance Katrina... very powerful... LOOK AT MIKE MYERS FACIAL EXPRESSION LOL!!
  7. J

    Taking care of your loved ones...

    Is way more important than i ever imagined.... all those little things that blew over at the time, the tiny little things, the one time mistakes that you never made again afterward...tey are all on the scoreboard...and then you lose the person...and you jsut wish you could take it all...
  8. Sicron

    Anyone care to give me some pics?

    Im not gonna play 1.2.1, im just gonna wait for 1.3, so anyone care to show me some pics of that giantforest map? i wanna see how it looks lmoa >.<, but i cant play with steam atm so i will wait for 1.3, then i might be able to get it working on a different pc...
  9. Optimus Prime

    For University/College People, do you think profs care?

    I knew coming here that University wasn't going to be like high school and profs are too busy to take the time to know your name however I have noticed a few things. For example today in my Physics tutorial, we were deriving formulas using integration, I rose my hand and said I never learned...
  10. Tweek

    ..>TGW< Saiyan Saga Pak

    ..Ok a little wile ago Maistro (>TGW< Leader) asked me if i could make a Saiyan Saga Pak 4 him and os i got started :S. i havnt worked on it due 2 bein WAY 2 busy but i hav now started doin it again and came up with the idea not only 4 new Chars but New maps, Sprites, Sounds, GFX. In other word...
  11. Tweek

    Perfect Cell ..WIP..

    -EVM- Perfect Cell ..Keh iv finished Kid Buu now :yes: Ultra is RE-Skinnin him and hes goin in 2 EVM so thats the end of that :) Iv now started a new mdl, Hopefully 4 EVM, dont no if ultra will let me yet but??? hoo noz :rolleyes: It is a brand new Final Cell :laff: but sadly i hav only...
  12. A

    Kai Suit Gohan (pr0's) release..

    Ok, pr0 said I could release these... He doesnt really care anymore.. And I see a lot of people who want it.. So, I decided to release ONE of his edits.. Kai Suit Gohan. Credits: 1. AzN 2. DC Darkling 3. The Pr0, the edit.. 4. Xstortionist 5. Mastasurf *Edit* Host found...
  13. O

    garlic jr

    i wanna make a garlic jr model but i wanna ask you guys if you wanna have it because i know 5 DBZ mod and only Ebfp has one. Now this is what i was thinking about: -Make it for BUU Attacks: 1-melee 2-ki 3-generic beam 4-belly blast 5-Dead zone Explain the Deadzone: make the...
  14. ZuL


    By request, I am currently making Vegetrunks/Vegetunks. I'm not used to making DBZ models, though I hope this model (when it's done) will please you. Here is the reference picture: And here is the current progress report of the model:
  15. Cold Steel

    Brolly wip.??? another one?

    Well thank you all for your immaturity, i don't ****ing care if it's wrong spelled or not. This whole community has turned into a place for disturbed kids, that can't say a damn thing withouth spamming, flaming or other useless things. I'm tired of seeing threads getting closed with a nice piece...
  16. Cold Steel


    Well finally i'm able to compile with suc6! I want to show some pics, but i can't host them myself. Anyone?
  17. sexyasian86

    New Frieza Model?

    wanted to know which one to make next. Gonna be in the frieza pack. Post a picture of what u want along with the request. That would be helpful to make it faster, heh. Well tell me which one, poll will be up for 1 day and i'll start. lates *edit well i finished 2 of the frieza...
  18. Twilight

    Apolagy For A Friend

    I made this for a friend who I pissed off. Let me know what you think of the artwork and how youd receive it if you were the person its directed to....
  19. God Gundam

    BD Goku

    for those that care- this one i took more time to make than tha gt goku. see the difference in time and care of the 2
  20. Optional


    Who made it? Can you release it? :cry: