1. S

    Ey guys can u help me with....

    Need help with.... ..... my model. I have made a model with 3DS MAX but now i have to skin it .how do i skin it with 3DS MAX?and is PhotoShop 7 good for SKIN? plz help me !!:talk:
  2. A

    Does no one care for me?

    After how ever long i've been here, no one has seemed to car about, nor responded to any of my comments and suggestions. No negative nor positive as if no one cares. I get this in real life, i dont need it here.
  3. suicidal_maniac

    Final Fantasy Wallpapers

    I made these for fun I think they look pretty cool. Im just lookin for some opinions.
  4. SA_Gohan


    Good morning from the East Coast! Here's a little Gohan model, Pre-teen Any comments or suggestions you have are appreciated (and needed) Thanks! :D BTW: copy and paste the link into your browser address bar
  5. M

    You asked for it and here it is 4 Hours later!

    Ok I spent about 4 hours today on making a SSJ3 Goku which was requested by a couple of the Forum members. Its 988 Polys (pretty good gues huh?), they only critt I can see that I will be getting is that the hair might not be long enough for some people but I've only used 1 picture as reference...
  6. C

    All i care is that..

    All i care is that the Beta comes out so i can own in that version too
  7. B


    Guys i swear i replied to a model someone made sayin drool? i didnt want it as a new post guys im sorry it was an accident, i swear man im not a spammer
  8. S

    SSJ4 GOKU, almost done...

    well, heres a little pic of whats done so far... post comments...
  9. MONXver1.5

    Its amazing. Made it myself.

    I know, I know,it sucks, but no one hasn't posted anything in like weeks.
  10. S


    ignore this post I hit the wrong button.....
  11. R

    Trunks ssjhead!!!!!!

    hi new head gimme some feedback
  12. xstortionist

    Young Gohan Model.

    Here is one of my newest DBZ models that I made about 3 months ago. I haven't really been making models for a while since I've been spending alot of time with my friend on our new web page, but I thought it would be cool to let some of yall look at one of my OKAY models. Here it is. young gohan
  13. S

    How do you like your cell games?

    I have made 5 different cell games maps... they all include my ring which is pretty damn close to the actual show.... I base all my maps off episodes and screen rips.... I need to know how people woulda like to play cell games... Options: (1) Small Land Area but high sky box so lots of...