1. Painkiller

    Sound Cards

    Hey guys. Some people tell me I could get a better sound card. What exactly means "better sound card"? I want to know exactly what you get
  2. Skyrider

    Wireless network cards vs USB wireless sticks.

    Hey guys, I'd like to know what would be best for my dad. To either have a wireless network card, or to have a wireless USB Stick. Though I had my doubts about wireless, it seems to be the best option for my father. So, I'd like to know which one would be the best option. If the USB ones are...
  3. The Deco

    the Palit video cards

    So, it seems the store I planned to buy my new computer has risen up its prices, which pisses me off. So instead of a GAINWARD HD 4870 512MB video card I have an option to get a Palit HD 4870 1GB video card for some 30$ less. Is that Palit card gonna **** up or Palit is a good company? As...
  4. J-Dude

    Graphics Cards: Massive Price decrease, or am I missing something?

    Decided I ought to see how the market has changed since I last looked for a new card, since there might be a chance that mine is dying (or the power supply). And as I browse, trying to see where my 7950gt stands (couldn't find it on Newegg) I see some strange inconsistencies in...
  5. Sicron

    Difference between these 2 cards:

    Well I am probably going to buy a laptop for my school soon, but I also want to be able to game with it a bit. Currently, I have a 7800GT 256mb card in my PC and the laptop I want to buy will have a 7600GS 256mb in it. Is there a lot of difference between these 2 cards? I am able to play Half...
  6. Ravendust

    New ATI cards still not supporting HDCP? Am I the only one who finds this really, really stupid? With all the fuss over HDCP and DRM, and the impending doom/blessing of HD content i'd have thought ATI would be all over supporting it. If Vista is a year away (or less) then who...
  7. M

    Sound Cards

    Harwarewise does it really matter what kind of sound card you have? Does having a "better" sound card really produce better cleaner sound?
  8. M

    2 vid cards

    Some computers now are using 2 video cards. Why is havin 2 vid cards in your comp better than 1?
  9. KidMan

    About Sound cards.

    I am curious as to what the difference is between a motherboard soundcard and a cound card you would buy seperate and put in a pci slot? Say like a Soundblaster Audigy 2 or whatever its called. I don't know if thats the top one or not. But, by going about and buy a sound card, does that some how...
  10. M

    Comparing Vid Cards

    Hey guys, i've had my Geforce 6800 for a lil while and I like it a lot. I was wondering if anyone knows how much better the 7800 is compared to it and if you know a site where they show comparing screenies that would help too. Thanks guys.
  11. D

    Video Cards

    Im looking to buy a video card,what card should i get though cuz there are so many.Im looking for somthing made by radeon or nvidia,but i need somthing that will at least support pixel shading.on the site i have been browsing but im not exactly sure.So can someone help me out?
  12. DragonDude

    Heh, PCI Fan Cooling Cards

    I've just been looking around at some PC parts to keep myself up to date and I found this: There's a few others on the website, too. Pretty cheap, and sounds pretty effective from the reviews. It'd...
  13. A

    ATI Radeon Cards

    Hey everyone, well i finally read the fps thingy thread that gr00vy posted and here is a answer to some ATI radeon users that have a wicked video card and have around 30fps. probably type in console fps_max 100. Or cause u have a crappy computer that cant handle it. But if you have a good...
  14. Phatslugga

    Know a lot about video cards?

    I need some help in choosing video cards. Right now, I have a little over $200 saved up for a video card. I went to bestbuy and saw the Radeon 9600 for $200, then I looked and saw the 9800 for $300. I really need to update soon (I want it before the 8th), but I'm not sure which one I shoulg get...
  15. E

    Graphics Cards??????

    whoooaaaa.... i am looking ofr a new computer and this is what i came up with AMD Athlon 3000+ CPU Gigabyte GA-7N400 pro 2 socket A mother board 2X 512 DDR PC3200 RAm 120 GB HD 17" samsung syncmaster 752DXF extreme A28K case Audigy 2 ZS sound card creative 6600 6.1 speakers and the...
  16. S

    krillin edit

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  17. )v(ajin Gogeta

    Video Cards

    where can i download the latest version of direct3d
  18. D

    Disabling Integrated Graphic Cards?

    How would I disable the graphic card that my computer came with so I can free up some memory and use my new graphics card? My Mother Board came with an integrated S4 Savage 3 32MB Ram graphics card, and I bought a GeForce 4 MX 440 PCI 64 MB Ram graphics card. How do I disable the integrated S4...
  19. RedSaiya

    Magic Cards (The Game)

    Someone know this game , and can help me? bahh , i had page_the_untouchable or something like this (and glowing!) and i trade it with airelemetal (old airelemental with this girl :tired: ) I know i am an idiot , and i cant get this card back...(i mean i cant get page the .....) he...
  20. K

    Is there a Hyber Bolical Time Chamber map?

    Is there a map like the one in the gallery you can give me a link to or something? please tell me :] TY VERY MUCH :D