1. Phobius

    GO CANADA GO!!!!!!!!!!

    YES CANADA JUST WON THE GOLD FOR MEN'S HOCKEY!!!!!! One hell of a game and one hell of a way to close up the final day!!!
  2. Spunky

    Canada Sucks(IMO)

    Why the hell does it have to be so close to America? Discuss. I'm gonna go do something else.
  3. frsrblch

    Happy Birthday Canada!

    Yur 140! :p Okay, let's see... beer, check... Canada rugby jersey, check... alright, let the fireworks and drinking commence! And if my alarm had actually woken me up this morning, I could have gone for free pancakes too...
  4. Optimus Prime

    Studios Threaten to Delay Movie Releases in Canada

    Well, apparently 50% of all pirated movies come out of Canada, and 'Hollywood' says if our government doesn't do something to curb it, they will. ****! Source.
  5. frsrblch

    Happy Thanksgiving, Canada!

    If you're all not full of turkey yet, you ought to be soon. Two plates of food, and four pieces of pie later, I feel like I could sleep all day.
  6. frsrblch

    Happy Birthday... Canada!

    Well, Canada, it's your birthday again. And although you're 121 years older than me, I know we can still go out tonight and drink the town dry before passing out for some fireworks. We've been through alot, you and I. There were some good times, there were some better times, and then there...
  7. Optimus Prime

    Team Canada? More like... Team Garbage

    Well, the men are out in hockey, needless to say I'm deeply dissapointed, but not surprised. Not to take anything away from them, they're all great players, but they played like crap, and the other teams were on their A-game. Shutouts by Finland, Switzerland, and Russia. Can you say owned much...
  8. S

    Aliens are REAL! (Says Canada =P)
  9. owa

    HAHA Go Canada, Finland, and the Czechs, boo the yanks.

    Ooo baby, the finns pounded those americans tonight in the world cup of hockey, twas a good sight for me. I was still reeling from the 96 loss to america in the world cup (then again, we ended up owning you guys in the 2002 winter olympics) Anyways. Discuss the WCH here. The finals start...
  10. R

    Canadians, Read this. About Canada day. NO AMERICANS

    I my-self am canadian, I am a very proud canadian at that. I'm one of those Canadians that get engraged when an American calls us pussies or what ever. Too keep my pride, I do not call them names back, I just forget about it. That's what us Canadians do, we are peace keepers. Why do american...
  11. GMan

    Northeastern U.S. & Canada Power - Psssht!

    New York City, Ottowa, Detroit, Cleveland, Toronto, and tons more.. all out of power! My power went out for a split second..twice.
  12. Optimus Prime

    Oh Canada!

    Folks, it has happened, a day many thought would never come, the Charter was argued, and that won! Go here my children, see for yourselves. And I don't think this should be closed, since it is "NEWS", unless it turns into a flamewar.
  13. C

    Goin to canada,tell me what to do there

    Hey, Thursday (in 2 days) I am goin to Ontario,Canada,all I know right now is our hotel is right across the street from Niagra Falls. and I am goin to Ottowa as well,what should I do for fun? Visit ESF ppl in canada?;):p go to stores? tell me what a tourist would do for fun...
  14. M

    Canada Wins The Gold In Hockey

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