1. Killface

    Calling all Gear-heads!!!!!!!

    Alright, I have a 1996 Chevy Beretta Base. The thing has been sitting for 4 years and I am trying to fix it up so I can drive it when I get my license. I've already installed the new serpentine belt, changed the sparkplugs, changed the plug wires, replaced the battery, and replaced the old...
  2. Synth

    Calling All Sig Artists

    In the best interest of the current status of sig requesting, I ask you to PM me ASAP if you still make requested sigs on a consistant basis. We need to redo the list of available sig makers, and if you feel you should be added, don't hesitate to PM me. - Current List: Dark Vegeta13...
  3. Super-sayain300

    Im calling for help :)

    ------------------------------------hi------------------------------------- i need help with didicated server i cant find esf dedicated server 1.2.3 help me!
  4. Nuttzy

    OMG calling all computer nerdzors,

    k, as far as i can tell my fan wont last another day. the noises its making could scare a dinosaur away >_>. im risking blowing up this computer by typing this. (i could just use my brother pc to type it but i needed to confirm some hardware stuff for the purpose of this thread) ill be checking...
  5. AuretheMaster

    Calling all Modelers?

    Just a simple question for you modelers out there, althought this -might- and mightnot be off topic, it seems ontopic to me. I've been playing Jedi Academy, and well i made some friends, we remade his clan, and now we need a series of 4 , 5, or maybe 6 skins made. Mainly 4. 1 for eahc of us,a...
  6. Majin Pool

    People that are calling people noobs.

    Okay, this is not to offend anyone, and not to hurt someones feeling. I see allot of people on this site, saying that they are being beaten by noobs. And then they blame the creators of esf, that they are beaten becouse the gameplay sucks. I just don't get it, why just don't accept it that...
  7. 5

    Calling stryphe

    Should we go 2 the off-topic?
  8. S

    Calling all modelers

    Can any1 help me? Lo guys im currently making a map and i would really appreicate any help any1 could give me in making sum models. Basically i need a big rock like in the piccys. I need two things plz. First a complete rock so i know how...
  9. S

    Calling all good artists!

    I have a business, and its called ""SniperX and Joe's bike repair" and I need a really good sign for it! i need it to take up the whole piece of paper. I want it to say ""SniperX and Joe's bike repair" and some pics of ssj3 goku on it. I need this pic to be REALLY good! Thanks, REVERSE
  10. Suh Dude

    Calling all Skinners!!Post ur Skin Tones!=Not a Request

    Well i dont like mine but u can post ur tones and stuff. Heres the one i usaully use It usally comes out ummm pretty good but i still dont like it
  11. D

    calling all sig makers!

    im bored and if anyone else is, if u wanted u can make me a sig of Goku, saying DeathSayin and having a nice backround.. so calling all bored sig makers! umm here maybe some pics plz use them if u can and u have to put this one down just put in the GOHAN pic not GOKU. and i remind u dont...
  12. VivaLaPineapple

    calling all sig makers

    welp lets see make me a sig. couple boundries it must be a rhapsody sig here are some images use any character it doesnt matter which. size limitations is 400 x 80 as for the bg well surprise me. oh almost forgot text should just say...
  13. E

    calling all

    I need: coders animaters mapmakers webmasters skiners/modelers pm me for more info this is a great idea
  14. Nuttzy

    super android 13, calling all skinners

    well a few people told me they were goin to put him ingame, and to my knowledge never did, im tired of getting requests for him so im going to release him, ive got im ingame, assigned properly with a set of animations heres a short video clip...
  15. Z

    Matrix Tut.

    *edited for ripping copyrighted content
  16. B

    Brolly model

    This is a model form dmz that i converted to work with esf... this isnt my model or skin.. I just converted it... Model: Evil Chimp Skin: Metro-tek :( *The infamous Metro-tek edited this post to stop the spaming... Thx@metro :)
  17. Z

    piccolo % krillin

    are there any krillin or piccolo models out there?
  18. G

    Kid Buu Skin

    I made a kid buu model about 4 days ago, I liked the model and tried to get it skinned, it was not that bad but I am looking for a better skin. I am looking for a skinner to skin this model. There are pictures at Another thing this is a completely different model than...
  19. TimTheEnchantor

    Need a 3d image?

    I'm the man for you. Need a 3d object to add into your images? I can help. With my software, I am willing to give a free service for needed individuals. 3d Studio Max, Photoshop, Lightwave, and Maya all can be utilized to help YOU make a good texture or graphic. The main idea: For me to...
  20. A

    z fighters vs the world

    hey guys any1 here know's the z fighters vs the world game ? u know .. the 2d fighting game , anyway , i just wanted to ask u guys who knows where can i get some charecter's for it , if there are any , cuz there is a add/remove feature there if u know where i can get some , plz tell me