1. Skyrider

    [Old PotW] PotW: Buu's Mouthbeam and Goku goes num num!

    Hey folks. As last week no PotW was posted, we'll make up for it for showing 2 this week rather than 1. And sorry for the delay, but the potw's still needed to be decided. And so, without further ado (if I said that correctly), enjoy these 2 PotW's for this week! <a...
  2. S

    Buus attacks. (kid)

    i think for kid buu, how he does a suicide bomb, he should be able to expload like that and regeneraiting but u lose 10 life force every time you use, but takes all ur ki energy, this attack can only hurt people if you are in a close attacking range. another form which is the 3rd form b4 kid...
  3. SuperDragonFist

    DBZ buus fury question

    I need help on buus fury so i thought i might as well post this in the new games section :] ...... anyway im missing one of the exhibits its the one between the autobiography and the collectors plate in hercules exhibits could someone tell me how to get it or at least what it is......thanks in...
  4. E

    Super Buus' Absorption

    Hello All, First I’d like to thank the Esf Team for giving me the best DBZ mod I’ve ever played!! (Drops to knees cries) Now with that being said, lets get on to business. I know you’ve all must have read post like this 1000 times by now, well lets make it 1001. This is my opinion now...
  5. P

    buus bodypart

    ok how will body part work like is it an attack or is it part of melee and if its an attack how will it work will buus arm stretch and grab ur enemy and hold him there or will it bring the enemy 2 u? or will u b able 2 slam him at walls or stuff like dat
  6. Tweek

    EVM Buus

    EVM Buu's ..I started this model a wile ago 4 EVM, then stopped when EVM went dead !.. now its bck up and running i hav decided 2 re-do it .. i have arched the legs 4 animation preposes but i still think the legs r 2 short ..im also going 2 b doin sum more work on my EVM kid buu :)...
  7. R

    buus bodyparts

    how will buus body parts work? sorry for shhort thead but its a short question
  8. Ultra33Gokussj3

    Super Buu Done

    Alright , i have made super buu , next i l doo super buu in Gotenks , Gohan forms , the buu is in 1.1 format , and its done ! :laff: :laff: Onli please no oftopic talk Sorry magus.... Credit to: Azn - Body Real modeler of buu - head Heres pic! I hope its good , it took me...
  9. SpriGGan

    buus regen

    i think buus regeneration should be faster this might make him supa solid and unbalanced but lets face it he woz supa and unbalaced well for a while maybe then ssj levels could go higher to kill him as a suggestion?
  10. T

    My first poly by poly model

    i had a good ref pic to help me out. this is my first poly by poly tell me whatcha think this will be gotenks body and im also redoing it to make it for kid buu its not done its about 80 percent complete http://pluto.imagemagician.com/images/soccer28jp/body2.jpg
  11. AscensionX

    Pikkon And Piccolo Models

    Been thinking about making a pikkon model (possibly for buu or freiza), or changing piccolo to be buu or frieza, as they have a second form, this would present the possiblity of having 2 models of piccolo, one with a cape (and decent animations), and one without the cape, where he is beefier...
  12. Logan4434

    check this out

    here are some models ive done.they need skins.i will give credits when they are released and not until (that means shut your face hole proffesional)PLEASE SKIN MY MODELS!!:cry: anyway here are pics: sexy android 18: evil android 17: and the meniacal buu:
  13. DaKD

    #17 Wip

    heres my android 17 wip i said id make, i know its kinda hard to see on the blk bg but i was lazy and didnt change it:fight: www.geocities.com/javkrd20/a17preview1.jpg www.geocities.com/javkrd20/a17preview2.jpg
  14. -Dark Shadow-

    Help please really needed for milkshape

    I chose Evil buu and edited it and then today i realised that the trousers and shoes were missing and then on the material it didn't have it there so is there any idea how i can upload it to my model? *Edit* can you copy and paste on milkshape please answer :cry: oh and can you take...
  15. I

    Beta2 Idea: Buus Final Form!

    Suggestion for Beta2: Buus Final Form! I just think instead of using Kid Buu, you should use this guy. After all it was his most powerful form ever. <img src="http://www.2600mhz.50megs.com/images/ultrabuu1.jpg" border="0" alt=""></font></p></p>
  16. I

    Buus attacks

    I hear Buu doesn't have many attacks. I suggest giving him a red kamehameha wave. Maybe the ability to absorb energy, but as a selectable move. Rapid fire energy dan attack like ki balls except faster stronger and make em explode a little, also make em the color red. Also with his candy...
  17. K

    hey who ever made gf buus sig please read this

    i forgot who made gf buus sig but it was awsome and i was wondering if you could make me a sig and no offense to droid 16 because i use ur sigs on kaitekdroid 1.0 but whoever made gf buus will they please pretty please make me a sig with a flashy background like blues and greens then make...